Letter to Dr. Wisbey by Shane Hilde

This email was sent to Dr. Wisbey shortly after his letter was released. Dr. Wisbey has not replied.

May 26, 2009

Dear Mr. Wisbey:

This letter is in regard to your letter about “naturalistic evolution” being taught at La Sierra University. I graduated from LSU in 2005, and in my last year I took a biology class that did teach naturalistic evolution. There was no discussion of divine guidance or intervention. Natural selection was taught as being the primary catalyst for the evolutionary process. Sir, I think you have committed a straw man fallacy in your letter, and have thereby avoided the issue.

1. David said naturalist evolution is being taught at LSU.
2. You said that implies atheistic evolution is being taught.
3. You said, “We reject this implied atheistic charge.”
4. You then seem to conclude the accusations are false, or at least undercut the education being offered.

You never denied that naturalistic evolution was being taught. Instead, you denied atheistic evolution was being taught. Do you honestly believe theistic evolution is compatible with the Bible? Do you believe the biblical account of creation is literal? Naturalistic evolution is being taught, and I am a witness to it as are many others. In effect, your letter is misleading. Will you write a letter specifically denying some teachers at LSU are teaching naturalistic evolution as fact?


Shane Hilde