Is Christianity a Counterfeit Religion?

A fairly popular claim is that Christianity is a counterfeit religion since it has simply copied or plagiarized pretty much all of its key claims and doctrinal positions from ancient pagan religions.  Certainly, there are numerous striking parallels between Christianity and numerous ancient pagan religions, to include the trinity, the virgin birth, a divine death and resurrection after three days, 12 disciples, the symbol of the cross, Easter celebrations, the Christmas tree, and on and on and on.  Given such striking similarities between Christianity and paganism, doesn’t it then logically follow that Christianity is nothing more than a knock-off religion? – that there is nothing truly unique or inherently special or “Divine” about the Christian “Gospel” message?

In this talk, I review this argument and my own reasons for remaining a Christian and the basis for my own confidence and hope in the reality of the Good News of the Gospel message based on the Bible.


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