La Sierra Promotes Evolution

What Professors are Promoting Evolution at La Sierra?

There is strong evidence four biology professors at La Sierra promote evolution in their classes. Professor at La Sierra University Lee Greer believes and teaches the human species evolved from primates. On June 6, 2009, Greer gave a presentation at a Loma Linda Sabbath School on genetic evidence which, according to him, supports the theory of common descent.

In the April-May 2009 edition of “Riverside Magazine,” Greer calls himself an “evolutionary biologist” in an article called “Heroes of the environment” by Jerry Rice.

In Greer’s UNST/UHNR 404B class at La Sierra, he gives a 57-slide presentation, showing the four million years of human evolution. Slide 55 has the caption “Homo neaderthalensis our nearest sister human species.”Also, during LSU chapels, he has actively promoted the idea the accounts of creation in Genesis are contradictory and allegorical. Is there any question what Greer believes or promotes?

Gary Bradley, in the Biology Capstone class, gives a 69-slide presentation titled, “Hominin Evolution.” In the fourth slide it says: “Recent years have shown a dramatic increase in the discovery of hominid species that are intermediate between the great apes and modern humans.” He also has another presentation on the fossil evidence of hominin evolution. Is there any question what Bradley believes or promotes?

Larry McCloskey, former chair of the biology department, states in a Biology 112 presentation that there is “nothing ‘theoretical’ about the evidence supporting evolution.” He goes on to say the research about evolution “continues to support and refine Darwin’s original ideas.” If that wasn’t enough, his next point states, “No data have been found to refute the idea.” Is there any question what McCloskey believes or promotes?

grismer bookL. Lee Grismer, in his book and published essays, tells what he is teaching his LSU students. Grismer is an expert on the vertebrate life of Baja California, which he argues in his papers has been affected by the “dynamic environmental history . . . over the last 4-5 million years” and that this history “has had a profound effect on the evolution, distribution, and genetic structuring of Baja California’s terrestrial vertebrates.” Check out his book “Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California, Including Its Pacific Islands and the Islands in the Sea of Cortes.” Grismer has allegedly ridiculed creationists during lectures. A former student also said he saw this posted on Grismer’s door: “Two questions to ask a creation scientist: What have you published? Why not?” Is there any question what Grismer believes or promotes?

These teachers do not present creation in a favorable light, if at all. This is part of the “Christian” education La Sierra offers. Students can’t opt out of these classes for ones in favor of creation, because there are no such science classes.

What You’re Paying For!

To those parents and students who have saved and borrowed funds for an Adventist education, is this where you want your $23,637 annual tuition to go? That’s right, it costs $23,637 just in tuition to attend La Sierra.

Any professor employed by the Seventh-day Adventist church who promotes evolution is robbing you, as well as an administration that would allow this to continue. For some the theft means a mere loss of $23,637 a year and the lost chance to learn about Biblical creation. For others the theft means something far greater — a loss of faith. A recent LSU graduate said many of her classmates in the science department started school as Christians, but graduated from LSU as atheists or not sure God existed.

Who is Getting Fooled?

While it’s clear what these teachers are promoting in their classrooms, what’s not so clear is why La Sierra has not been as forthright about its professors. Parents and potential students have a right to know what they are paying for and La Sierra is covering up the unethical practices of its professors.

John R. Jones, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at LSU, said in a Facebook comment: “I spent an hour and a half in a meeting with President Wisbey and the biology department and a number of the other faculty discussing these allegations…. I think I can honestly and sincerely say that the answer is Yes — in the sense that they teach ABOUT evolutionary theory, as I’m sure you would want any responsible Christian biologist to do. But that of course is a very different matter from advocacy.”

Has Dr. Wisbey publicly denied these teachers are promoting evolution? No. His open letter merely said this: “We reject this implied atheistic charge.” David Asscherick did not charge La Sierra professors with atheism.

It has been suggested that legal responsibilities may outweigh Dr. Wisbey’s ability to be forthright about what his professors are teaching. If Dr. Wisbey were to publicly admit an Adventist university is promoting evolution, the legal repercussions could be devastating for La Sierra. La Sierra would become responsible, so in a sense it is his job to either deny or ignore the charges.

The Real Issue

These four LSU professors are misrepresenting the Seventh-day Adventist church by promoting evolution in their classrooms. There might be more. This isn’t about their sincerity, church attendance, belief in God, or Christian devotedness. This is about employees promoting ideas that are explicitly contrary to that of their employer. It’s not personal. They’re not evil people, but what they are doing is wrong.

What Can You Do?

  1. Sign the petition, and then tell every concerned Adventist about it and encourage them to sign.
  2. Talk to your pastor, and encourage him to take a public stand. Write your conference president, and encourage him to take a stand as Jay Gallimore has.
  3. Email Dr. Wisbey and express your concern.
  4. Send your kids to Adventist schools that promote creation.
  5. Financially support Adventist schools that promote creation.
  6. And most of all, PRAY.

By Shane Hilde