False rumor

By Educate Truth Staff

In May of 2009, a website popped up under the domain LaSierraUniversity.net. It was shut down June 2 due to reasons unrelated to La Sierra University. The university did take legal action, but it wasn’t until June 8 that legal papers were served to the creator and owner of the website. Since that time a rumor has persisted amongst certain circles that Shane Hilde, owner and creator of Educate Truth, was also the owner and creator of LaSierraUniversity.net. This is false.

While LaSierraUniversity.net shared similar content to EducateTruth.com, they were not owned or run by the same people.

In a personal meeting with Randal Wisbey November 2, Hilde communicated that this rumor was false. Wisbey had been under the impression Hilde was responsible for LaSierraUniversity.net up until the time of their meeting. November 24, 2009, Ricardo Graham was also notified that this rumor was false.

LSU legal counsel was made aware June 8 that Hilde was not responsible for the creation, purchase, or content of the domain LaSierraUniversity.net. Contrary to what Wisbey has stated publicly, LSU had no influence with the naming of EducateTruth.com as the site was created five days before LSU mistakenly served legal papers to Hilde.

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5 thoughts on “False rumor

  1. If the legal papers referred to was just a letter from an attorney, I wouldn’t call that taking legal action, but that’s me.

    It seemed like the attorney was threatening to take legal action but never did.

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  2. LSU may simply be casting about them in search of a strategy that solves their PR problem that is short of addressing the actual evolution problem at LSU.

    A creative rabbit trail on their part – but not as effective as they may have at first hoped.

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  3. Bob, that is correct. The university took legal action as far as hiring an attorney to draw up papers, but did not proceed any further than this for obvious reasons (no need to). The attorney for LSU did state that the school was well prepared to take as much action as was in their means to do so.
    While the LaSierraUniversity.net was taken down, the actual content just changed hands from it’s original owner 😉

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  4. I belived we like SDA need to not sent our children to that University and take away any funds sent from the general conference if they not take the necessary step to fixed the issue.
    We need to let the problem to be know to every conference, union and church member and make clear that we like SDA member not support or agree with their teaching.
    In the next General Conference this issue need to be clear and taking care for all the SDA people in the world know how the devil is working with the young of our church and they not sent their children there.

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