Will children need “booster” vaccine? How often? What will …

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Will children need “booster” vaccine? How often? What will be the consequences of booster vaccines, if given yearly or every six months, in children as they age?

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Why Vaccinate Kids Against COVID-19?
Did you get your answer? Please post what you think is Sean’s answer. Thanks so much. Parents in my community are distressed to the max.

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You did not answer about the booster shots. Please — What Is your opinion about the vaccine given becoming weaker and requiring booster shots? I asked about booster shots — Is it safe to pump that much mRNA into a body? (It appears that booster shots are being proposed yearly — or “every 5 months” as Biden said)

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And, Loma Linda University hired Raul also? Why the silence of the multitude of LLUC pastors, and silence of the multitude of LLU religion professors (top floor plush-office occupiers of newest building) in voicing their opinions as to the hiring direction of the LLU biology department? Are these professionals suppose to be the representatives of Adventist faith doctrines in our institutions? Is their silence encouraging the evolution over creation biology department position? Did LLU confirm La Sierra’s hiring with LLU hiring of the same person? (Or lead to La Sierra’s hiring of this person by LLU hiring him first?) Surely, there are other choices among Adventist believers. Why should one person get the two jobs – La Sierra U and LLU?