@Kristen: It is cut and dry Kristen. I don’t believe …

Comment on PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood? by BILLIE.

@Kristen: It is cut and dry Kristen. I don’t believe people are confused on purpose d/t the ‘new’ evidence. [edit] Stick with the bible and bible only and noone will be confused as to what happened. I am pretty sure people are believing what they want to believe.

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Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda
The students MUST stand up to what is right. It is about Jesus, He would not stand up for such things. We must put ourselves aside and do what is right!! Stand up students! That goes for all around our universities. We cannot sit idly by and ‘hope’ something will be done, you have to make a stand also, don’t be afraid, only Satan gives the spirit of fear.

Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
Well I have recieved some negative emails right away a week after Mr. Wilson was elected, I knew I would. Satan hates that he is in there counteracting the counterfeit! God will guide his feet. I wish all sda’s could get that sermon he gave! It would have a revival and a renewing of the reformation!! Praise God for strong men who will stand up for our GOD!May he never waver.Amen.

LSU’s Board targets three of its members

I Smell a big fat fish!! I believe things will start changing. We have a new sheriff in town. (cliches i thought were approptiate). This is out there and everyone is finding out, No matter how hush hush LSU is trying to be. Be sure your sins find you out.  (Quote)

Mrs. White: “Don’t send your children to…”
LSU is no longer a sda university in my book. So how can we say ‘we will proclaim our message loudly’ The best way ‘we’ as sda’s should proclaim it-get out now! Now if a sda decides to go to a secular school, then you could say, we can be a good example to others. LSU is not setting the example any longer.

Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
@Sean Pitman: Dr. Geraty is rebelling against the standards of the SDA Church, but he may not be in rebellion against his conscience. That is an oxymoron. Common! He knew it, I know he knew it.The kettle is black.