The idea that to be educated one must be aware …

Comment on The Metamorphosis of La Sierra University: an eye-witness account by Bill Cowin.

The idea that to be educated one must be aware and versant in evolution theory is a faulty idea. We are to be naive concerning evil and wise concerning good. Truth can alway afford to be open to view and doesn’t need “help” by those who have educated themselves in alternative views.
This issue is not debatable in the usual sense. Both sides are religious beliefs. One must choose which one is their belief. Actually, we don’t choose what we believe—we reveal who we believe.

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Jan Paulsen: 2004 vs 2009
Leadership of the Church is too often an evolutionary process of “survival of the fittest.” Sin not only leads to death, but in the meantime, it leads to weakness and desperation. As long as a “leader” doesn’t stand up for all of the beliefs of the Church, then the members will not be spiritually strong, and certainly not a threat to usurping or threatening the offices of the leadership. Since we are selective in what we stress, and/or enforce, it makes virtually any solid stance a ridiculus one. My observation having spent a lifetime of service to the Church, that only the conscientious and convicted risk their employment in the Church. We as a people are more fearful of “fanaticism” (A fanatic is someone who love God, and obeys God better than we do, than adultery, robbery, rape, of sexual perversion. My understanding of sexual sin is activity of that kind with someone other than a spouse, regardless of the partner’s gender. The 10 Commandments must be a list of suggestions “from above” that, in a practical sense, are to be of concern only because God is only trying to scare people, and actually is going to save everybody anyway. I am amazed at the view of God, which makes it necessary to accept that He cannot re-create people, because He didn’t make them in the first place. Grace ennables Him to overlook sin, but a long process is necessary to become “fit” for heaven. Even Satan himself will and can be saved, because God is obligated due to His weakness to accept anything and everyone, regardless. God’s “tough talk” is supposedly primarily to scare people, because He is actually afraid of us, and powerless to change us. By observation, since we are “democratic” and work through committees (a healthy thing), virtually noone has to are will stand for right “though the heaven’s fall.” I pray that God will supply us with young people who are not afraid, are true to duty, and will lead us to victory. We have camped on the “other side of the river” too long: It is time for a David to go out in the Name of the Lord and deal with the giant.
Bill Cowin, SDA pastor

GYC Q&A addresses universities who hire and protect evolutionists
If the “influence” of a person or the social importance of the job in the church is the criterion for dealing with sexual or creatioon/evolution issues then it must have been a larger piece of fruit that Eve ate. If she would take a small one, it would have not been significant. Sin and/or disobedience is never relative or small. I am so amazed that we expect competence from our surgeon, but just love and the exhibition compassion to all those who suffer from the effects of sin, and of Satan’s power. Real men and women love and obey God’s will. Strong men and women stand up against evil. David has my final comment: Who is that uncircumsized Pilistine, that he should mock the God of heaven, and causes Israel to fear?”