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What a great idea!!


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Open letter to General Conference

You ask, “Has our education system turned out spineless youth with no understanding of truth and the issues involved with our positions as a church?” That is an excellent point. The students, each and every one of them, should be open and verbal, continually. When I was in public high school we had a teacher that would peddle his evolution. When he did, almost the whole class openly objected. We did not allow him to peddle his garbage. Students brought their Bibles to his class. Our grades suffered but the teacher was replaced. I believe if he had not been fired he would have left anyway because of the disruption from us as students. He tried to silence us but we would not be silenced. We’re speaking about a secular school.

Also, I might mention that the problem of evolution doesn’t just sort of come to life at the university level. It is being peddled at the lower levels too, another reason the students are less likely to object since they are already conditioned to listen to it. Parents need to be more involved in what their kids, younger and older alike, are being feed.


Open letter to General Conference

Thank you for keeping this issue before leadership. Dealing with the problem of evolution being taught in our schools is long overdue. As I see it, we either believe in the Biblical account of creation or that of the world. There really is no middle ground. Either/both belief systems require faith. The question is: Do we have faith in the secular world’s view or in God’s Word? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and believe in Him. It takes much more faith to believe in the chance happenings of evolution than the intelligence of our loving Creator.

For those who are teachers/instructors in our educational system, we would that you become converted and believe in God, not just give Him lip service. If you feel you cannot do this then we request you resign from your teaching posts in our schools. Our money can be put to better use than the paying of your salaries.

You in leadership need to see to it that our money is properly spent. We do not wish to continue payment to those who would remain unconverted. The problem has gone on for years. It is now time for action. If renegades do not wish to give up their posts, then the next order of business is to dismiss them from their positions. That includes starting at the top, Randal Wisbey, then all those teachers/instructors he is shielding. A complete overview of all our schools, top down or bottom up, the choice being yours, is overdue in the extreme. We request immediate action. There is not a moment to loose. The end of the school year is too late. Now is the time. This is the future generation of SDA’s we are currently teaching falsehood to.

Immediate Attention Needed,

Bill Eichner

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