It is encouraging to see people passionately defending the faith …

Comment on Open letter to General Conference by Robert McClintock.

It is encouraging to see people passionately defending the faith and the mission of our movement. I know we have differences and some of them have been discussed but if we truly are being led of the Spirit these differences will indeed disappear.

What we are seeing now at LSU is the iceberg that we only experienced the tip of decades ago, but as a people were too deep in sleep to recognize. After attending Andrews University and Walla Walla College I became 99% an atheist. Why? Because of the contradiction in the teachings and practices among the professors and administrators with the “Faith once delivered to the saints.” The power and divinity of God were being questioned even 35 years ago and as a student my faith was severely undermined. I left the denomination and became mired in the world’s misery. It was after I found a very old book on bible prophecy that proved the existence and power of God using prophecy and secular history that I was drawn to become a believer in God and the Adventist movement again.

My heart goes out to these poor students who are attending these schools and are having their faith destroyed by these leaders who abuse their positions to further their own Godless agendas. We need to pray not only for these leaders and educators that they will repent but also for their victims that God will protect them!