Thank you Sean. The teaching of evolution, the acceptance …

Comment on Open letter to General Conference by Brian Wilson.

Thank you Sean.

The teaching of evolution, the acceptance of homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle, and the promotion of new age spirituality are three fronts the church is being attacked on. Unfortunately the attack is coming from within. I am reminded of what EGW says…the church appears about to fall, but does not fall… the sinners in Zion are sifted out…this is a painful process.

We are not sufficient for these things. May God bless the leadership and the members. Now as we enter what is probably the last decade in human history, we must unite under the banner of truth to give the trumpet a certain sound.

Happy New Year fellow Educate Truth readers.

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Silence of the Geoscience Research Institute
@Edwin: “Accreditation is at stake,”

Losing accreditation (or even a couple of institutions, if it came to that) is microscopic compared to the damage done by choosing the world’s recognition over the truth of God’s word. We are doomed as a people if we knowingly allow instructors to teach subjects that are antithetical to the foundational doctrines of our church in order to somehow save face in the public sphere. Going down to Egypt for help, how can we then call on God when problems come?

Silence of the Geoscience Research Institute
Clocking in at 529 words of mostly a general nature, the article is grossly insufficient. However, the silence of the conference and union leaders is even more appalling. Is there no way to get this issue on the floor of the GC this summer? If evolution is indeed the preferred explanation of origins then only hypocrisy can keep the church going. The GC president could apologize and then they could vote to disband the General Conference. Then each member could choose for themselves where they want to go. We could all become Tibetan Buddhists. Ohm………

But if creation is indeed the preferred explanation of origins, then any attack on this foundational doctrine should be considered as a direct attack on the church and should be met accordingly even to the point of removing union, division and GC leadership and closing institutions as a last resort. If this threat is not met, but is allowed to grow and spread, we will lose our reason for existence.

Is there a more foundational doctrine? Remove this and they all topple. If the doctrine of creation is not true, then why kid ourselves. As Paul said, We are of all men most miserable.