While we are encouraged to pray for our leaders it …

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While we are encouraged to pray for our leaders it is never in a vacuum. God does not want us to simply pray for those in leadership who are leading the church astray; he wants us to remove them after warnings of caution. While we pray Rome, or shall we say Israel, continues to burn. It is time to get off our knees and demand accountability. We must still love our church and defend it to the hilt, but we cannot and must not condone destructive, deliberate error. This is all the strategy of the archenemy to stymie and confuse the progress of the Gospel.

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Open letter to General Conference
“To claim the Seventh-day Adventist church is Babylon, is to make the same claim as does Satan.” RH Aug. 29, 1893; TM 42 Thank you, Marie.

Gentlemen, Ladies, Let us stay the course. We have no time in this discussion for heretical views on our beloved church, weak and defective as it may be. Our Eyes are upon the Lord, and His Eyes are upon this church, the apple of his eye. I just had a special season of prayer in one of my churches as we enter this New Year. Let us press home the matter of false teachers in our institutions before the leaders with all urgency. The Lord will soon shake this church that only those that are faithful will remain. We want all on board, yet sadly as we see, that will not happen; but we must not be discouraged nor fainthearted. We must gather warmth from the coldness of others, courage from their cowardice, and loyalty from their treason 5T 136. To stand in defense of the truth and righteousness when the majority forsake us, to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few..this is the test 5T 136. let us proceed with the matter at hand before the gates of our institutions and General Conference until there is change. God will bring about change. Press on my friends.

Open letter to General Conference
Folks, let us hold together in such a time as this. We do not believe that this church is Babylon, or any part of it. Let’s not go down that diversionary path, let us stick to the matter at hand-the corrupting of our God given church by some leaders in our institutions, and some leaders amongst us. This whole exercise admits of errors in our denomination; we see it and accept the fact; however, we are not daunted, nor deluded to imagine that we have therefore become Babylon and have been cast out by God. The prophetess has assured us that this church will go through to victory while the deceivers will be shaken out. I would like to point out that this church, while operating from the top down, is not built from the top down, but from the bottom up. It is the grass roots that in the main hold the power; so the grass roots must call the leaders to accountability; and if the leaders refuse, thinking that they have the divine right to be in their positions, then the constituency must remove them. And how is it done? It must be done by the vote, and by refusing to fund any of our institutions that support heresy. This is simply stated but difficult to accomplish; nevertheless it can be done and we should bend our energies in this direction in discussion with the relevant leadership. It is time they stood up and took notice of the voice of the membership through whom they have their very existence.

Open letter to General Conference
It is very essential that we the Seventh-day Adventist membership, leaders and otherwise, take a decided stand against all our institutions that promote false teachings on Creationism, theology, and teachings which oppose Adventist beliefs as found in the Bible. The membership give us the leaders the right to office by virtue of their funds, prayers, and moral support. This will have to stop towards those sources that continue to fund institutions that blatantly disregard our teachings. If we are too inept as leaders to bring out change, then the membership must act in order to precipitate change. This is a topic that must surface in our up-coming GC session.

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Notice of constituency meeting of the NCC
Now is time for action; how can all our churches have access to this detail in order to send the same message to the GC session personnel? I have two churches in my care and will get on the ball immediately. It is time we clean our house up from the grassroots’ level if the top have a problem with hearing and understanding. After all, must members send their funds to assist the church in tearing itself apart with false teachings? won’t happen on my watch with God’s help.

A little-known history about Belief 6

There is absolutely no reason to leave out ‘literal days’; the biblical account in writing about six days actually means literal days; ‘literal’ is actually built into the expressing: ‘in six days God created the heavens and the earth …and rested on the Sabbath,’ as found in the Decalogue, Ex. 20:8-11; it is also built into the summary of creation found in Gen 2:1-3. To leave it out would be doing injustice to the text. In today’s scientific world it is even more crucial to insert ‘literal.’ Including ‘literal’ days in our origins’ account will not intimidate people any more than upholding the 7th day Sabbath; there are already many non Adventists who believe in a fiat creation. Even if accreditation is threatened or taken away from LSU or any of our institutions it matters not. We are not here primarily for accreditation, we are here to present the truth to the so-called 7 billion people we write of. It is time that Adventists stand up and speak up to us, the leaders of our church. Remember, truth does not lie in the leadership; it lies in the Bible. If the leadership get it wrong then we must be told so, and must be made to accept the truth or cease and desist being a leader in our organization.

LSU Faculty Senate supports biology department
Ervin Taylor: One of the subjects I had to do in grammar school was a subject called ‘Comprehension.’ Comprehension meant clearly explaining(if one could)how one understood a certain passage read by the teacher. My comprehension of the resolution, if it is genuine, is that supporting colleagues who are falsifying Adventists’ beliefs is supporting their class work of falsification. I see no other way of understanding this passage, unless one admits of some form of retribution for not doing the biblical thing and talking to them, which is another falsification and injustice to the biblical text.

LSU Faculty Senate supports biology department
I am uncertain what this resolution from LSU means in terms of freedom to teach unbiblical science. If teaching science contrary to Adventists’ beliefs is what LSU calls academic freedom, then for sure these leaders are in the wrong institution. None is opposed to teaching Darwinism from the context of the world’s response to biblical statements and scientific creationism. But posing it as real science and science preferable to Adventists’ beliefs, is false and deceptive. Students go to Adventist universities not to learn the false sciences of the world; to be knowledgeable of them yes, but not to have them taught as fact. At this point we must speak with the grass roots and with our pocket-books, if the GC refuses to intervene. We must stop all funding of LSU until they realize who is paying their salaries. This notice must be given to our conferences, Unions, Divisions, and the GC. Every church member must receive information of this process in order to act decisively.