Where can one get a copy of Elder Batchelor’s sermon?  (Quote) A …

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Where can one get a copy of Elder Batchelor’s sermon?  (Quote)

A video of the sermon in question is posted on Amazing Facts’ website.
Here is the link:


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Why those who hate the Bible love blind-faith Christians

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I started to wonder if ones’ Caps Lock key may have been stuck on some of the above comments…

An apology to PUC

@ Sean PitmanDude, no one is disputing that different forms of “macroevolution” can be discussed. OTNT_Believer, Eddie, and I are crystal clear that we are using the same definition used by biologists the world over–and you have the temerity to put us down for that (as in “Try thinking for yourself for a change”)! If you insist on your own definition, you’re simply talking past us and others–and you’re misleading your many blind-faith followers.  (Quote)

“Dude” Hmmmm, is “Professor” Kent loosing his cool?

LSU responds to Adventist Review article
Poor LSU… The whole world is out there to get them and they are innocent. While not mentioned here, I am sure that LSU found AToday and Spectrum Magazine’s reporting to be unbiased and more in line with its beliefs and core values.

I cannot imagine being in Larry Becker’s shoes right now. Trying to put a positive spin on something obviously against the teachings of the Bible must be very difficult. It is also imoral and it could end one’s carrer. When this is over, I wonder if the PR department will claim that they were just obeying orders…

Defining Adventism: A poll
I think the poll question is a bit unclear. What if I answer Yes, “there is a limit to how many fundamental beliefs a professor can openly reject…” but I am thinking that the limit should be three or four or maybe 10 beliefs? The same thing would be valid if the answer was Yes, the limit is just one belief. You may consider rephrasing the question, or change the possible answers…

GYC Q&A addresses universities who hire and protect evolutionists
Am I the only one that, while not disagreeing with Elder Schneider’s pastoral approach on dealing with all these “people,” was wondering what prevents him from actually paying the folks in question a visit to ask them if they need “help finding something else?”

The evolutionists and the supporters of the homosexual agenda have been vocally and publicly expressing their views for too long so it should not be difficult for Elder Schneider to find out who they are and what they believe in. Surprisingly, these people have been in direct opposition to the teachings of the Bible and the Church while being on the Church’s payroll.

This may sound harsh but I believe that there is a time when the leadership of our church will have to act and remove these people rather than wait to see if they will be intellectually honest to voluntarily resign…