This “academic freedom in our schools” argument is simply hogwash. …

Comment on La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics by Ellis.

This “academic freedom in our schools” argument is simply hogwash. Oh, pardon me, I meant whitewash. As clearly pointed out by an earlier responder, a SDA preacher does not, or should not, pontificate from the pulpit all the various views on a certain Bible doctrine and then tell his congregation that they can cherry-pick the version they like. That SDA preacher would soon be finding another profession one would think. He should be preaching the “straight testimony,” or the “three angels message” without any equivocation. Of course, our college professors can teach about the salient points of Darwinian evolution but their stress should be on the Bible concept of a six literal day creation about 6,000 years ago.

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LSU’s Board targets three of its members
Why this agonizing, prolonged foot-dragging over this LSU issue? This situation again vividly illustrates the need for men who will be true to correct doctrine (the Bible truth)as the needle is to the north pole. Where are the leaders with some spiritual backbone? This problem should not still be festering after nearly a year without any reasonable resolution. Such delay says to all that we are not that resolute in our doctrine, or as we call it “the three angels message.” What kind of witness does this set before the world?