One of the interesting aspects of all this is how …

Comment on Dr. Aseem Malhotra: From Pro-Vax to Anti-Vax by Bob Butler.

One of the interesting aspects of all this is how vaccine misinformation ‘hammers’ away at one’s mind. I’ve had both my Pfizers and booster. Zero problems and basically non events. However, with the ‘fourth’ one now available I find myself struggling with the fear that my health will be in jeopardy taking the shot.

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Linda, I’m not sure singling out Dr. Pittman solves your problem. Roughly 1 million doctors practice in the USA and over 98% are fully vaccinated. But there is a further problem. Your statement, “I would love to know how much the pharmaceutical companies are paying you,” is by proxy a personal insult to over 10 MD’s and nurses in our immediate and extended family whose patient loads are beginning to exceed 50% with the greater numbers being unvacced. At some point, I hope your education will exceed your ignorance in this matter.