Was there any repentance here, or just the fact that …

Comment on LSU statement regarding resignations and Bradley’s email by Shelley Senner.

Was there any repentance here, or just the fact that he was caught doing something he shouldn’t have, and having to reap the dire results? I doubt that he is done drinking “that little glass of alcohol” from his statements. Just my opinion however. Yes, the other problem still remains, doesn’t it? Another thought, can a lifetime of good works atone for one wrong act?

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Perspectives from alleged LSU students
The letter from Neptunnus is so like Catholic understanding of creation/evolution. Are the children at LSU turning into Roman Catholics in their beliefs? After all, if the belief is held that each day of creation could be billions or thousands of days long, and not a literal 24 hour period, this belief effectively does away with Sabbath and the need to keep the seventh day holy. If there is no Sabbath day, then that effectively does away with the Law of Ten Commandments, leaving only nine commandments (why would you need the fourth commandment?) there is really no Ten Commandments, for all Ten make up the one Law. If there are only nine commandments, then Jesus made a mistake in writing the Ten Commandments on tables of stone or speaking them from Mt. Sinai. So then that means you can’t really trust in God at all for anything, for God verily does change and make drastic mistakes. So in reality, this false understanding being taught at LSU, called evolution, does away with the need for God in the lives of these students, and they are going to leave our school confirmed atheists or Roman Catholics.

I don’t think God is going to bear with this much longer unless something is done to correct the problem of atheistic evolutionary teaching in our schools. Maybe it would be better to have no school at all! Remember the Battle Creek fires of long ago, how God burnt down so many buildings because things were not being corrected properly at our institutions there. Will He not do worse if there is nothing done immediately to correct things at our schools? I think Sister Ellen G White did give warning to learn from our past mistakes. I don’t think I could be too outspoken if this is what she once told us.

Here are some references about the fire at the RH building in Battle Creek:
Dr. Kellogg placed a personal order with the Review to print The Living Temple. About a month later the Review and Herald burned, and the plates for the book, which stood ready for the press, were destroyed by the fire. {5BIO 292.2}

Pantheistic Teachings and the
General Conference of 1903

As leading workers approached the General Conference session, which was to open on March 27 in Oakland, California, the proposed book The Living Temple was a matter of deep concern. On March 16, Ellen White wrote to Dr. Kellogg: {5BIO 292.3}
“You are not definitely clear on the personality of God, which
is everything to us as a people. You have virtually destroyed the
Lord God Himself.”–Letter 300, 1903. {5BIO 292.4}
It had been hoped that in connection with the destruction of the book plates in the Review and Herald fire, Dr. Kellogg would abandon the matter of publishing The Living Temple. But instead he sent the manuscript to a commercial printer in Battle Creek. Three thousand copies of the book were printed and began to make their way among Seventh-day Adventists. {5BIO 294.1}