LSU board affirms support for church’s creation doctrine

La Sierra University published one of the release documents from the November board meeting in the January 2010 Recorder. The boards affirmation of the church’s creation doctrine stands in stark contrast to what is occurring in the LSU biology classrooms.

The stage has been set for LSU, and it has been documented that the university is accountable to support the church’s creation doctrine. How the board will keep LSU accountable and what will happen if LSU refuses to change its course is yet to be seen.

LSU Recorder

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3 thoughts on “LSU board affirms support for church’s creation doctrine

  1. I wish James Wilson had put the nail in the coffin of this controversy by simply stating instead, “The La Sierra biology faculty have faith that God created the world in six days about 6000 years ago, and that the world was destroyed by Noah’s flood about 4350 years ago.”

    There are a lot of evolutionists who could say that they believe “that God is their Creator and Sustainer.” But no evolutionist is going to put the age of the earth at thousands instead of billions of years. And no evolutionist, I would think, would believe that Noah’s flood was a global-wide destruction.

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  2. “LSU biology faculty have faith that God is their Creator…”

    Pacific Union Recorder: “The La Sierra biology faculty have faith that God is their Creator and Sustainer,” said James Wilson, Ph.D., department chair. “Each faculty member understands the important responsibility to facilitate broad education in biology in ways that embrace the Adventist perspective of God as the Creator of all things.”

    Time and again I’ve heard this very same line from the leadership of LSU – “We all believe in God as the Creator here at LSU.” Geraty told me this the first time I spoke at LSU some 5 years ago now. Wisbey has used this very same line many times himself. The problem is that many of LSU’s science professors, while believing in God, don’t believe that he created all life on this planet in 6 literal days just a few thousand years ago. They believe that God first created life on this planet a few billion years ago and that these early forms of primitive life gradually evolved, in a Darwinian manner, over eons of time until mankind finally arrived on the scene a few million years ago.

    This is what many believe at LSU and are teaching to their students as the gospel truth. This is the type of “Creator” in which they believe – – not even close to the type of Creator God presented in the fundamental beliefs of the SDA Church as an organization. These professors are clearly and unabashadly theistic evolutionists who strongly and consistently oppose the SDA idea of a literal creation week in their classrooms – calling those who do believe in such an antiquated notion that “lunatic fringe” in both the classroom and in public press.

    So, in short, I find such statements published by LSU and now the Pacific Union Recorder highly disingenuous if not deliberately deceptive. Larry Becker knows full well what people will think when they read his article – They will think that LSU’s science professors are actually only teaching “about” the mainstream theory of evolution, but do not actually believe it personally and are not really promoting it as truth to their students. That is the impression given by Becker’s article – an impression that Becker himself has to know is very far from the true situation at LSU.

    Such deceptive tactics are much worse that the actual practice of promoting mainstream evolutionary theories at LSU. It would be far better for LSU’s leadership to simply come clean and openly admit what their own professors do in fact believe and teach their students on the Church’s dime. Why this need to misdirect future parents, students, and the Church constituency at large? – with carefully chosen words that are calculated to cloud the truth rather than to reveal it?

    For a summary of the current situation at LSU see the following open letter:

    Sean Pitman

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