Since I started subscribing Educate Truth, I found it hard …

Comment on LSU’s Board targets three of its members by Bill Ray.

Since I started subscribing Educate Truth, I found it hard to stomach the contents in it. Why can’t LSU be like other Adventist Universities? I am from the Philippines and the schools here will take swift action if any hint of deceit is being promoted as truth. The professors here teach about evolution but only as part of academic requirements of students. Never will the subject on evolution be promoted so as to dim the truth on the literal 6-day creation week.

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Ted Wilson: “We will not flinch. We will not be deterred.”
It’s just sad that many of our brother’s and sisters in some places (LLU & LSU) are blinded by how this world works. Even if Elder Ted Wilson reaffirms our Creation doctrine over and over again, it won’t budge them. Some of the evolution sympathizers even call us who are faithful witch hunters and inquisitors for laying a hand or even caring for what goes around some of our universities.

These are hard times. The creation doctrine is on the attack and it will cause doubts here and there. But one thing is for sure. God will always be in our midst as we engage on this battle of principles and facts. This is not Science vs Religion. This is Good vs Evil.

CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU
Thank you Elder Page. This puts light to the already darkened room of confusion happening at LSU. Taking stands are very difficult and what Elder Page did is very encouraging for me to read.

MBA employee discourages students from attending LSU
I really appreciate the humble gesture of Brother David Lara. We need men like David, who stand for what is right though the heavens fall.

As for the erring teachers and administrators of LSU/LLU, may God guide all of you always. I can only hope this situation is reversible.