I do not appreciate the hypocrisy of the Seventh-Day Adventist …

Comment on Creation Debate in the Seventh-day Adventist Church by Herman Cummings.

I do not appreciate the hypocrisy of the Seventh-Day Adventist Council. They pretend that they support the truth of scripture, and that it be shared among the rest of mankind. Do not be fooled by such outward show of piousness.

Well before the Council meeting in Atlanta (June 2010), I contacted every Adventist church in the city with a website, and used the contact info for the Council listed on their website. Not a single one of them responded.

The Michigan Chapter made a big “hoopla” about La Sierra University teaching evolution, and pushing Biblical Creation aside. I also wrote to Michigan, conveying to them that my presentation called “the Observations of Moses” would clear up all confusion between what is written in Genesis, and what science has discovered. It is a 62 minute PowerPoint presentation that reveals the truth of Genesis.

I had written the president of the Michigan Chapter, and his secretary, offering to come to the church of his choosing to show the presentation, so that he could recommend that it be presented at the Council in Atlanta. The president refused to accept my offer. Suddenly, it wasn’t so important to them.

Now this article is published, in an attempt to show that the Adventist clan is sincere about embracing the truth of scripture. I consider that a lie. They choose to continue with their ignorance, and not seek the truth. Such an organization cannot be trusted to convey the truth of God’s Holy Word.

Herman Cummings

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‘Yes, Creation!’ at the General Conference Session
I contacted the Michigan chapter of the Adventist organization, to try to get the General Conference Committee to invite the leading expert in the world on the book of Genesis, to give his 62 minute presentation on “the Observations of Moses”. It proves that current creationism does not understand the Genesis text, and that early Genesis is historically truth.

Herman Cummings

LSU promotes acceptance of homosexuality but not creation
I wrote the school’s biology and religious studies professors about allowing my Genesis One presentation to be shown. Only one biology professor wrote back, refering my letter to others that could decide if they wanted to host the PowerPoint presentation.

The school has refused to help clarify the confusion between what is written in Genesis, and what science has discovered. Rather than to host the one person in America that reveals the truth, the school chooses to advocate homosexuality and evolution.

Herman Cummings

Readers respond to Adventist Review article
I wrote all the biology and religious professors at La Sierra the first of April, offering to give my “Observations of Moses” presentation, that would reveal the truth about Genesis, and remove the confusion between the Genesis text and the scientific data. Not a single so called religious studies professor responded. Not a single one. Only one biology professor wrote back, but only to give three addresses to forward my letter to. Those three or four persons didn’t respond either. [edited by moderator]

Since the professors of the university don’t understand Genesis, and they refuse to allow their students to hear what the truth is, how on Earth are the students ever going to gain the knowledge needed to correctly convey the Bible to others?

Since the school refuses to teach the scriptures correctly, why even send students there in the first place? [edited by moderator]

Herman Cummings