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Comment on Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’ by Florin Lăiu.

@Phillip Brantley:
And why science teachers should not be treated the same way ? If they cannot bear the tension between their professional conviction and the Church’s/Bible’s beliefs, they should be told: We are sorry, but you are not yet ready to teach in a SDA institution.

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LSU statement regarding resignations and Bradley’s email
The story where Jesus wrote in the sand comes to mind. None of us are perfect, all have sinned and fallen short. All of our hearts have sinful natures and if disclosed in similar circumstances what is the result? I hope pride can be set aside and God will continue to provide wisdom to the greatest heights and depths to our leaders. Also great respect our leaders deserve. When one example could set the stage for others. I am not informed of the situation. What a reminder: to open and close our mouths with great care! Any one of us can be more effective giving our cares & concerns quietly to God instead of gathering in similar small group discussions. Just some thoughts.

Faith & Science Sabbath School examines LSU’s apology
“This one bothers me…”

“I’d like to see it up around 70-80%…”

So now we’re basing our criticisms of La Sierra University on Paul Giem’s arbitrary preferences? Really?

We’re assuming that biology as a field of study supports the Adventist view of creation. Does it?

Is creation scientific at all?

Why would we be calling on professors to present Adventist doctrines in science classes?

Faith & Science Sabbath School examines LSU’s apology
The mainstream interpretation of biology? I was not aware that there was an Adventist stream of biology that corroborates a short earth chronology. In fact, I was under the impression that part of the problem is that the Geoscience Research Institute in Loma Linda, CA was charged with creating a scientific model that would buttress the church’s position on creation, a model that could be taught in our schools. But in the fifty or however many years they’ve been in operation, they seem to have failed that charge.

About the evidence supporting creation:
If creation is understood as a historical event in the past, and a miraculous one at that, by definition it cannot be replicated, tested, falsified or proven. It also can’t be measured or quantified, right?

Science, on the other hand, is all about what can be replicated, tested, falsified, proven, measured and quantified, right?

So by definition, Creation is not scientific. So again, why would we insist that biology professors teach religious doctrine in a biology class as biology when clearly it is not?