I agree. In the end we (the Seventh-day Adventist Church) …

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I agree. In the end we (the Seventh-day Adventist Church) believe that God created the heaven and earth in six days in the recent past.

La Sierra biology professors deny this and taught theories contrary to it as fact, while suppressing the evidence that confirms what we alread know to be true from the Bible.

One reason why they deny the biblical account is because the Bible is no longer the ultimate authority. Their world view is not being governed by the Word of God.

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Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’
Adventist kid,

You need to define what type of science you’re referring to. Origin science or operation science? I would assume since we’re speaking of origins that you woud be speaking of origin science, which uses different methods of determining what happened in the past. Origin science relies on relics from the past and historical records to try to discover truth.

The debate about origins is not about operation science, which is based in the present. The debate is about origin science and conflicting assumptions, or beliefs, about the past.

Perhaps you don’t understand the problem with saying “evolution is science, but the Bible is religion.” Molecules-to-man evolution is not proven by operation science; instead, it is a belief about the past based on antibiblical assumptions.

Creationists and evolutionists accept and use the same methods of research in both origin and operation science. The different conclusions about origins arise from different starting assumptions, not the research methods themselves.

So this isn’t about religion vs. science, but conflicting worldviews.

The revelation of nature is in harmony with divine revelation; however, our interpretation of nature must be guided by divine revaltion.

Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’
To my knowledge, nothing that evolutionary theory claims about origins has been observed today. Evolutionary biologists are merely interpreting the data based on their antibiblical presuppositions.

Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’
It’s unfortunate AR is only letting subscribers read the whole article. I dropped my subscription some months ago.

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Ron&#32Stone&#32M&#46D&#46: then he “accidentally” recorded the private meeting, right?

That’s exactly right. He must have not bothered to play it back. I think the meeting was a couple hours according to the LSU news release. But basically he didn’t know he had recorded him and the others and then posted it without checking his recording.

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Eddie: Doesn’t LSU’s administration deserve at least a little bit of credit?

I think so. There are some very dedicated individuals on the board.I have no doubt they’re doing everything they can to address this issue.

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@Ron Stone M.D.: I agree. LSU has not been a shining light for our church. That’s unfortunate. That might be the case for other schools as well.

Former board member never talked with biology faculty
@Alexander Carpenter: I would readily agree since Educate Truth supports the biblical account of creation and disagrees with the handling of the topic in the biology department. This was a political move by Wisbey to gain power on the board. He now has three less who oppose him.

Former board member never talked with biology faculty
@David Read: Board members and even former board members are not allowed to discuss what has happened in board meetings. The only thing I confirmed with Tooma was whether she had conversed with the biology faculty and she made it very clear she never had. She was only presented with the joint statement and wanted to support it. This statement was seen as a big step for the biology department because Wisbey had been keeping them silent for over two years and they were now making constructive advances to dialogue with the church. I disagree with what they said, but I think it’s great their talking now. I suspect Wisbey isn’t happy with the biology department. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to only be upset with the board members since he allegedly embraces what they are doing. Doubtful though given his reaction and double standard.