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Comment on Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’ by Florin Lăiu.

@Phillip Brantley:
And why science teachers should not be treated the same way ? If they cannot bear the tension between their professional conviction and the Church’s/Bible’s beliefs, they should be told: We are sorry, but you are not yet ready to teach in a SDA institution.

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@Professor Kent: Dear Prof Kent, We are a Church, not a scientific endeavor; and our schools are Church&Bible-oriented schools. They have been established to promote the highest interests of the Church, such as a Bible-centered higher education. Our teachers at any level must know what our fundamental beliefs are, and comply with them, if they want to teach in our schools. Our Adventist faith is Bible-centered and collective. We don’t need to show any scientific evidence to evolutionist teachers, before hiring or firing them. If Church is not sovereign to decide in such essential matters, then why the Church must support such expensive schools ? Evolutionist teachers must be fired from our schools, after an immediate warning. They may be sincere, question, but to teach in an SDA schools is not sufficient to be sincere. Atheists are probably sincere too. We may respect their choice, but to allow them teach or preach in our ranks, it is a sheer abomination.

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@Lydian Belknap:

…If that’s not being a Christian then I guess I’m not one–and I really don’t know what being one is!Please explain.

Well said. And Dawkins is not the real problem for the Church, rather the evolution teachers in sheep clothes.

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@Professor Kent:
@Lydian Belknap: It seems that God or his servants (on the same side) payed not sufficient respect to lie teachers:
“The one enthroned in heaven laughs in disgust; the Lord taunts them.”(Ps 2:4 NET)
“At noon Elijah mocked them, ‘Yell louder! After all, he is a god; he may be deep in thought, or perhaps he stepped out for a moment or has taken a trip. Perhaps he is sleeping and needs to be awakened.'” (1K 18:27 NET) So much about treating “…AND their views with respect”.

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@David Read:
Regarding the Creation Era, we have certainly exceeded 6000 years, according to the Hebrew (Masoretic) Text, as it is rendered in our protestant Bible translations:

1K 6:1 (966 BC+479 = 1445 BC) The Exod (see 1K 6:1 [480+965]
Ex 12:40-41 (1445+430 =1875 BC) Israel’s immigration in Egypt.
Gn 47:9 (1875+130 = 2005 BC) Jacob’s birth
Gn 25:26 (2005+60=2065 BC) Isaac’s birth
Gn 21:5 (2065+100=2165 BC) Abraham’s birth
Gn 11:32 (2165+205=2370 BC) Terah’s birth
Gn 11:10-24 (2370+29+30+32+30+34+30+35+2= 2592 BC) The Flood
Gn 5:3-32; 7:11 (2592+1656 = 4248 BC) Creation
2011 AD = 6259 Anno Mundi [4248+2011]…

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@Lydian Belknap: Dear Lydian, When I have read about your age, I realized you are of my father’s age. Congratulations for your good comment, and may God answer your prayers for our divided Church. Evolution, gay activism, and various other satanic lies must be put out of our Church. I live in a former communist country, and I was taught evolution in the biology class, since we had no Church school. I tried to fight this hateful theory using even communist books that honestly showed the science cannot answer at this time, a lot of questions about evolution, but they still were hoping to have all answers someday. For me, it is clear. If evolution explains the origin of life, then Bible is mythology, not just in Genesis 1, but even Gospels and Revelation. here is no hope of everlasting life except that the Bible is the only truth. Let’s celebrate this truth and decidedly reject any opposing philosophy. God bless you and your generation !