How did we get ourselves distracted in this discussion of …

Comment on Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’ by Ron Stone M.D..

How did we get ourselves distracted in this discussion of does the natural world “prove” God exists? This will never be resolved, since each has his/her own opinion of what “proof” exists and how we interpret that “proof.”

How about sticking to the topic, which Shane constantly reminds me about, which is why we have an SDA institution teaching “evolution as truth” and what should be done about it!

Isn’t this WHY this website exists?

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Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’

Ken: Dear MeredithI appreciated your comments.If Adventists can’t practice Christian tolerance and love amongst themselves then what hope do have to attact new members, especially youth to their pews?Your agnostic friendKen

Ken, The idea that “fundamentalist” SDA’s are “kicking” members out by their (the fundamentalists) inhospitable behavior is one of the progressives’ most common fallacies, and has been promulgated on this website by several people.

I’ve heard the “story” many times–so and so member, pastor, elder, etc. mistreated me ,etc. When I ask what person or even what SDA Church this happened at, not one person has ever given me any details.

I’ve also been to many dozens of SDA churches over the my 42 years as an SDA,in several countries, and I’ve never seen any correlation to whether the liberals or the conservative churches (yes, there are both) have the most hospitable environment for members or visitors. I’ve been very much welcome in both types.

Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’

BobRyan: The verdict is already in on that pont. The SDA denomination is one of the fastest growing denominations in America while many others are stalled or declining according to a recent survey.The fact that anyone who upholds some unpopular stand on truth will be falsely accused as being mean spirited and unchristian is a well documented fact of Bible history and world history.Hence the high level of complaining on this site a by a few members who don’t like the 3SG 90-94 statement.But that should not be confused with accusations of actual “substance”. The SDA denomination is not growing via compromise but rather via its distinctive teaching. Why go to a small denomination cookie-cut from the same mold as a larger one if you already enjoy the larger one?One of our key distinctives is the 7th day Sabbath of creation week as found in Gen 1-2:3. To imagine that we must flake away from that position in order to be accepted and grow, is to miss the point of the survey Christ,Bob

You’re exactly right, Bob. Most people join the SDA Church because we have something we actually stand for, in contradistinction to many other so-called “Christian” denominations.

Clifford Goldstein: ‘A Safe Place’

Meredith: To Bob Ryan,Methinks you’ve put yourself in a tight corner by constantly putting down the evolutionists. You and Sean Pitman look mighty arrogant, and hugely disrespectful of others, when you write as if only we Adventists are capable of higher thinking. Your approach is exactly what puts off others to Adventism. We should be the most humble, not the most self-assured, in Christianity. Tone it down about 5 notches.MeredithJohn 3:16

Your entirely wrong on why others are “put off” regarding adventism. Look at where the SDA Church is growing most rapidly in the world. Do you think those areas are where our evangelists and pastors are afraid to preaach God’s Truth?

Where the SDA Church is not growing as well is where secular humanism has taken hold, mainly in “first world” countries like the U.S., Western Europe, etc.

These Third World areas are full of people who actually want to hear biblical truth, not some humanistic worldview as presented at LSU.

If you think I’m crazy, then listen to the “progresives” in our SDA Church whine and complain about how the “world church” is becoming too “fundamental.” All those “third world” characters are trying to tell us “sophisticated” and “educated” North Americans what to believe.

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The reason the LaSierra situation has gone uncorrected so long is that most of our administrators have exactly the sort of political instincts that Dan Jackson has. They are politicians and consensus builders; they want to keep the peace and make the trains run on time. But the circumstances call for men of principle, hard men who are willing to stand for the right “though the heavens fall,” i.e., regardless who is offended and loudly complains.

Dave, I agree with you. Jackson’s trying to play on “both teams” is not going to go well for him.

Unfortunately, politics is the “SOP” of many of our SDA officials, Jackson being just one. “Political instincts” are the rule, instead of actually doing what is “right” according to what we know in God’s Word.

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Shane Hilde: Think big fish: LSU or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.Graham might not have followed procedure with these men, but I don’t know what the procedure is. I’ve read what the process is in the faculty handbook, but I don’t know if that applies to administrative positions which are at will employees. If it does apply to them, then it appears the process was not followed.

Trustees book says, in 6,9,F, that the Trustes may “discontinue” virtually anyone working at the university.

Does that mean to “fire” or to “force their resignation? Seems like it does.