Faith: Personally, I don’t give a hoot if you have …

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Faith: Personally, I don’t give a hoot if you have lost all respect for me. I speak the truth, whether it is to your liking or not.

Methinks you hold yourself in too high esteem.

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WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation
Ervin Taylor, I don’t think you have any business commenting on things here. No one pays much attention to your mini rants.

WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation
Let me make something clear. Sean Pitman deserves nothing but praise for bringing this website to us. I did’nt mean to dis him. As a scientist and medical practictioner he has won my respect. I’m just shocked that Faith, who until this point was very reasonable, has shown disrespect toward the medical profession. I’m a product of Southern’s biology program and they teach with utmost respect for science and medicine (though the teaching itself isn’t very good). If Faith is saying that LSU should discard evidence based medicine from their teachings then she is clearly delusional.

WASC Reviews LSU’s Accreditation

Faith: Pauluc and his cronies have sold out to the scientific community and put them above God. That is the bone of contention I have with him. Sorry if that isn’t to your taste either.

Look, Faith, I agree with you that Pauluc has gone too far if he has rejected six days in six thousand years, and I do object to that. But you simply cannot dismiss all of science. Your hero, Sean Pitman, for example, has utmost respect for science. Has he sold out to the scientific community as well?

Again, you are the one, not me, who is deluded to insist that science and modern medicine have nothing to offer. After all, you throw about the term “science”, quoting Ellen White, as something that supports a recent creation. You and I agree on that, so why would you be so dismissive of how science relates to medicine? Are you suggesting I put my medicine aside and trust in YOU and YOUR interpretation of Ellen White and see what comes with my bipolar disorder?

Get a grip.

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