Well, well – It seems we’re really in those last …

Comment on Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict by D. Znack.

Well, well – It seems we’re really in those last of days. Who can be surprised, knowing the times we live in, plus having the Spirit of Prophecy already telling us that even whole conferences will be lost? Very glad for the stand in Michigan, and just continue to pray that the Lord will bring me, and all of us, through these very last days – and though I kind of dread it because of all the suffering and tumult that is to come that we cannot fathom (and it’s already so, so bad…) – I still kind of want to be able to stand through that, live what I’ve read about in the Great Controversy. But whatever happens, may we all ever be found in the Lord.

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Adventist Review: Pastors Who Don’t Believe
It’s just a sign of the times, and shows that the big shaking in our church is on the horizon. Several years ago I attended an SDA church a few times in Southern California, and was completely floored at the pastor’s musings on the non-existence of Satan. After the potluck, he proceeded to have a more open dialogue in the sanctuary about his ideas and beliefs that there is no person of Satan, only some general evil floating around. I was heartsick, but fully recognized that these are truly the very last days, and we just need to be sure to be prepared for ourselves on Scripture and our personal relationship with Jesus.
It would be nice to think I could trust this man would be reported to the General Conference, and taken off the pulpit. But I’m pretty sure that is not the case. He had no business being in the SDA church spouting these things from a pulpit and further expounding on the matter, but I have to trust that the Lord is clearly in the know, and pray for that man who is clearly on a wrong path towards destruction. Easy to get riled up and indignant about it…I had my moments, but I pray more for the pity to come in my heart so I don’t get tainted with sin in anger, and know that all these people involved in teaching various heresies and non-truths are loved by a God who is hurting for their rejection. And I also trust, if the Lord wants someone out, He’s going to handle it. With everything going on in these nutty last days, I can only trust that God will handle all matters just right. Waiting on man to do it, or our SDA leadership, is not going to accomplish the peace we seek. I really do believe it will only get worse, before it gets better.
All I know to do is hang on to Jesus, pray, witness, work as he leads…and wait on Him.
Prayers and blessings to you all!

New Adventist president envisions a church marked by prayer, revival
Wonderful, encouraging message, and just what we all need..prayer, revival and reformation. Fantastic! May the Lord richly bless all in this endeavor!