I am thankful for the integrity shown by the Michigan …

Comment on Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict by Ted L. Stephens DDS.

I am thankful for the integrity shown by the Michigan Conference leaders. If we do not soon see a similar action by the Central California Conference I too will start sending my tithe to the Michigan conference.

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Back to Square One…
“Its easier to silence Michigan than it is to fight the accredation battle.”

I do not think the Michigan Conference will be silenced. To date they are the only Conference that has the courage and fortitude to take a public stand for what is right and that is why I send them my tithe.

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BobRyan: I thought LSU was in the SECC.in Christ,Bob

Bob, you are, of course, correct but I am in the CCC and am still waiting for them to take a stand. In the interem my tithe goes to Michigan Conference.

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I am still waiting to hear that our leaders are taking a stand. Why have we not heard from the Central California Conference, and why is the CCC still financially supporting La Sierra? Why is it that only the Michigan Conference has the courage and integrity to go on record that they will not subsidize any workers students that attend La Sierra?

My Goal for La Sierra University
Sean: Thank you for continuing to have the courage to report things that most of us would not otherwise have access to. As an individual I cannot do much other than vote with my funds and that is why I continue to send my Tithe to the Michigan Conference whose leaders, so far, are the only ones to concretely acknowledge and address the problems at LSU. I attended La Sierra as did my sons but my grandson is attending Southern.

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There comes a time when we must take a stand, either for or against Gods word. The LSU President and Board, by their non action have shown where they stand. By not taking action the local conferences, Union and GC are being complicit. Why is the Michigan Conference the only entity that has the courage to stand for truth? As individuals we can only vote with our feet and with our funds. Although I and my sons attended La Sierra my Grandson will attend Southern. I will always support my local Church but will be sending my tithe to the Michigan Conference.