It is unfortunate that such actions seem to be necessary …

Comment on Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict by Sean Pitman.

It is unfortunate that such actions seem to be necessary given the general lack of any substantive response from either LSU or the SECC over the past year since this controversy became more public. Michigan Conference bravely leads the way down a path that will no doubt upset and anger many, but in my mind is the only viable option for those who truly value the Pillars of the Seventh-day Adventist faith – as well as basic order, government and discipline within the Church.

May all other Conferences see the need to follow such a bold stand for the fundamental truths that God has revealed to us and which many have sacrificed a great deal, sometimes everything, to pass on to us. This issue is very important for the Church. It is indeed “a hill to die on”…

Sean Pitman

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Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
@former Seventh-day Adventist:

If a school is claiming to be a Seventh-day Adventist institution, it should uphold SDA ideals and philosophy. Basic honesty.

Exactly! Such clear headedness on these basic issues and you’re no longer a Seventh-day Adventist? That is unfortunate because we sure need more people with at least this much basic common sense in our Church…

Sean Pitman

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict

Simple concept, but it’s comforting to know when all this scripture slinging, name calling and finger pointing is going on amongst human sinners like myself.

Just because we are all desperate sinners, and we all are, does not mean that we have to let the Church organization fall into chaos – that we cannot stand for truth while admitting that we all need help to truly live up to the truth that we know…

Sean Pitman

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict

Actually, no, by that logic that would not be the case. Your argument is ridiculous, by no means does that imply that we would have to support families with their tuition bills outside of an SDA institution. This is a totally different matter because LaSierra IS an Adventist institution.

I guess that’s a matter of opinion. I personally fail to see how any school that goes around attacking fundamental pillars of the SDA faith can really call itself “SDA” with a straigth face. It’s like pretending to be something that you’re really not – very much like a wolf in sheeps clothing which enables the wolf to more easily steal away the sheep…

Sean Pitman

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Only someone who knows the future can make such decisions without being a monster…

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Where did I “gloss over it”?

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I fail to see where you have convincingly supported your claim that the GC leadership contributed to the harm of anyone’s personal religious liberties? – given that the GC leadership does not and could not override personal religious liberties in this country, nor substantively change the outcome of those who lost their jobs over various vaccine mandates. That’s just not how it works here in this country. Religious liberties are personally derived. Again, they simply are not based on a corporate or church position, but rely solely upon individual convictions – regardless of what the church may or may not say or do.

Yet, you say, “Who cares if it is written into law”? You should care. Everyone should care. It’s a very important law in this country. The idea that the organized church could have changed vaccine mandates simply isn’t true – particularly given the nature of certain types of jobs dealing with the most vulnerable in society (such as health care workers for example).

Beyond this, the GC Leadership did, in fact, write in support of personal religious convictions on this topic – and there are GC lawyers who have and continue to write personal letters in support of personal religious convictions (even if these personal convictions are at odds with the position of the church on a given topic). Just because the GC leadership also supports the advances of modern medicine doesn’t mean that the GC leadership cannot support individual convictions at the same time. Both are possible. This is not an inconsistency.

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Thank you for this update. I really appreciate it and the courage it took to post this…

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Dr. Roger Seheult does make some money from his YouTube Videos, but not nearly what Campbell makes. The fact of the matter is, Campbell started making much more money once he switched from presenting mainstream medical science to promoting conspiracy theories. Promoting conspiracy theories is far more profitable it seems… unfortunately.

As far as your posts, I haven’t blocked any of them thus far. I do find it interesting, however, that you don’t address any of the counterarguments forwarded by Dr. Seheult. Why do you choose to believe a retired nurse, like Campbell, over a practicing pulmonologist who was fighting on the front lines during the height of COVID-19, like Seheult?