I was just now reading the latest “update” at the …

Comment on PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood? by Gary Komruliak, MD.

I was just now reading the latest “update” at the top of this page and noted this quote:

“This is not some minor point. The local Flood idea opens the door, and essentially requires, the intelligent mind to interpret the geologic column and fossil records as being the records of vast periods of time of Earth’s history.”

While I certainly believe the flood was global, I have to ask why anyone (Pitman?) would write, much less believe this total nonsense. It’s a gross overstatement. Does it open the door? Perhaps. Does it require? Get out of here!

Gary Komruliak, MD Also Commented

PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
@ Sean Pitman

After all, the fossil record is a record of death – death that Dr. Ness does not think was necessarily the result of the global Noachian Flood, but could have taken place over vast eons of time…

I was a little taken back by the quote used by Bob Pickle. I had to search a little to find the source, and apparently it was my fellow colleague, Dr. Sean Pitman.

Up to this point (the Dr. Ness situation at PUC), I have silently applauded Educate Truth’s effort to bring certain light to our attention. But this website has now gone way too far across a line. This particular quote, from Dr. Pitman, is an example of the frank dishonesty displayed by many of the “keepers of the faith” at this website. Nowhere have I seen any hint that Dr. Ness truly BELIEVES that the fossil record could represent “vast eons of time.” And Bob Ryan’s post was also a disgusting and deplorably inappropriate dissection of a very fine sermon by Dr. Ness. I am increasingly abhored by what I am reading here. I have saved many a life in my years, and I have won over my share of converts to our faith. But this ungodly approach will never bring eternal life to anyone.

I have long been suspicious of Professor Kent’s always penetrating but sometimes sharp-tongued and occasionally sarcastic postings here. As time has gone by, I have to give him credit for the consistency and honesty he brings to this site. I think he uses rhetoric deliberately and craftily to get our attention, which he succeeds at. His interpretation of the three demands by Educate Truth was right on the money. I was very impressed and convinced further when Inge Anderson was able to put it together as well, and see the problems Kent has been trying to point out all along. Anderson’s post, by the way, was a masterpiece.

It’s time to stop this witch hunt and find better things to do with our time. Yes, the teachers of our colleges should treat our beliefs with respect, but they should not be under pressure to use non-existent or conjured evidence to shore up the beliefs of our young people. Yes, there is evidence aplenty of one or more big floods in the earth’s history. Evidently, both creationists and geologists agree with that, so what really do we have?

There is absolutely NO reason to insist that the Bible is wrong and our faith will fail us if the physical evidence for a global flood covering the entire planet does not exist. So what if we don’t have the evidence! As Mary Anne L. thoughtfully put it, we have PLENTY of evidence beyond that which relates to Genesis to support our faith. THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL!!! PLEASE STOP USING DISHONEST AND CRUEL MEANS TO PERSECUTE OUR FELLOW SCIENTISTS AND UNNECESSARILY DEFEND OUR BELIEFS.