Sean I’m a little disappointed you feel the need to grill …

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I’m a little disappointed you feel the need to grill me about my faith. I’m on your side of this issue, and now you are treating me as if I have said something wrong.

There are MANY reasons to believe the Bible is real! Chief among them is prophecy. Many events predicted throughout the Bible have come about. Archeology also supports the Bible in many ways. Nothing about archeology supports the claims for example of the Book of Mormon. The lives of the disciples are very influential for me personally. These men lived and wrote humbly of themselves and then one by one they all chose death rather than to say they were wrong to believe in Jesus. That is a powerful witness about their experience with God. The timeliness of the Bible messages are even compelling. If for ezxample the Qur’an was correct, why did God wait all those hundreds of years before informing his followers that Jesus did not actually die on the cross? When I read the Bible and interact with people who read the Bible I see changes in lives that for me constitutes important evidence. So you see, there is ample evidence outside of biology and geology to sustain our faith. Its sad that you can’t see or appreciate this.

I believe the Adventist understanding of Genesis is very important and do not understand why the science leaders in our church do come out and support it. But I don’t believe for one minute we HAVE to have all this scientific evidence to believe in the BIble. Sure it helps and we need to understand it but our faith does NOT depend on it.

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PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
Sean, you wrote “Therefore, for you to argue that it doesn’t really matter if one sees the scientific evidence on origins as being inconsistent with the Bible, and teaching as much in our schools, because we can have faith anyway that the Bible is true regardless of how we view the weight of scientific evidence, is essentially an argument that all pastors and teachers in the SDA Church should be free to teach and preach whatever they want as long as they end by saying, “We believe the Bible anyway despite all the overwhelming evidence that is apparently against us.”

Your position is really absurd. I’m sorry but if the weight of evidence does not support the SDA interpretation, that does not mean our interpretation is wrong and that anyone there fore can preach whatever they want. How long was our church preaching temperance before we had any solid evidence for example that smoking was detrimental to our health.

You need to rethink your extreme position.

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PUC responds
This has become one of the most obnoxious and damaging controversies the Church has witnessed in recent decades. I initially thought Educate Truth had some merit, as I resonate with the supposed goal of providing information, but this has become much more than that. It has become a whipping ground for faith, with science seen as superior and people lashing out at each other. The leaders of this site are no better than anyone else. This place represents the very worst of Adventism. Lest I lose my faith and perish, I am leaving here once and for all.