I was a Biology major at PUC long before said …

Comment on PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood? by Walt.

I was a Biology major at PUC long before said professor arrived on the scene. I graduated from PUC, but I would not encourage my kids to go there now. The reasons are many.

None of our professors would have ever made a statement that even implied that the flood was only a local event or that there was no scientific evidence for a world wide flood. How did someone so ignorant get a job at a SDA college? There was plenty of evidence for the flood 40 years ago when I was there. There is even more now. The problem continues to be that these professors have more faith in “science” than they do the inspired word of God. Anything that contradicts God’s word can’t be true science. If one starts from that premise, they won’t fall into these traps.

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LSU propaganda
What LSU has said above about the idea of not “promoting” evolution in the classroom is unmitigated nonsense. I’ve watched some of the lectures, and read some of the material from the syllabuses, as I’m sure many of the readers of EducateTruth have. If one takes the position that they are not actively promoting evolution, one must also realize that they are actively undermining our belief in Scripture (particularly Genesis 1), and our tried and true method of interpreting Scripture. One doesn’t need a gun to shoot down an enemy; false propaganda can accomplish the same thing. And that’s what they appear to be doing.

Video show LSU undermining church doctrine
One thing that stuck me was the vast difference between what passes for a lecture in a biology class at La Sierra in 2009, and what constituted a lecture in my biology classes at PUC 40 years ago. Back then the time was spent discussing biology, not philosophy or Hebrew chronological methods. And no one questioned the literal interpretation of Genesis, either. There was no need to. Science has discovered nothing that contradicts what we read in Genesis 1-11.

I submit that too many modern biology teachers are cowards. They’re more concerned with being laughed at than at arriving at truth. The evidence against evolution and its chronology is overwhelming. But such evidence is usually ignored or explained away.