I find it quite disheartening to see that 3 highly …

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I find it quite disheartening to see that 3 highly educated people, 2 of which were Adventist educated, have taken there education and created this webpage to attack our schools. Do you not have something else better to do with your time? You spend a lot of time typing and hiding behind a blog instead of maybe helping those that need help in the world and spreading the christian message to those that don’t know about it. That one of the things Jesus told us to do right? Not fight between ourselves?

I graduated from PUC…took some biology classes and I can say that I appreciate the fact that we get both sides of the story. I want to know the facts for both evolution AND creation. Through out all my education from LLA to PUC they presented both sides…Darwinism/Evolution and Creation. This gives us all a knowledge of the issues that are out there regarding it.

There are two reasons I’m glad that this was done in my education:
1) So I do know both sides. I…like all the world…want to be informed. I think its naive to think that teaching just one thing and everyone will believe it will work. Look at the world of media…

2) If someone wants to have a discussion on creation vs evolution i now know both sides and can craft my arguments for the SDA church and creation accordingly as that is what I believe. You have to be informed before you can fight and you have to be informed before you can educate…thus why we go to school.

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PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?
@Sean Pitman:

I see what you’re saying but everyone else teaches about Creation. All religion teachers and etc. Very few of them talk about Evolution and that side of the story. They leave it up to the scientists to do this. At least thats what I’ve see in my education.

So maybe its more of a flaw in the curriculum of the schools as a whole and how things are orchestrated in teachings. Maybe you have the religion teacher speak on both sides and the science teacher teach on both sides to help clarify things. I don’t really know as I’m not someone that deals with that. But you can’t crucify one teacher for teaching the one side that you don’t particularly agree with especially when he was ASKED by the religion department to speak specifically on that topic and take that line. So maybe I just contradicted myself a little bit…maybe the teachers actually are attempting to show both sides correctly and everyone here is blowing things out of proportion. I don’t know…classes are a quarter long and are meant to build on each other. We weren’t there and it would seem that you are possibly taking one class out of 20 and taking it out of context.

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An apology to PUC
So…I think everyone needs to take a step back and get a global view of this thing like I am. Because you will get a kick out of it. I can’t help chuckling to myself as to how retarded some of the things said on here are. And an apology?? Apology: “a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure.” I don’t think there was anything regretful about that letter. I just had to laugh at how two faced it is. “Were sorry but we still think you are wrong.” It’s like America today…we all preface or interject “I’m sorry” into everything we say like someone is going to take offense to it. “I’m sorry but I just wanted to let you know your taillight is out.” As if its our fault its out? It’s not sincere. Just like the “apology” letter above isn’t sincere.

This whole thing is a waste of everyones time and effort. Or as a young person might say…OH SO MUCH DRAMA.