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Comment on God and Granite Cubes by Ron.

“There is no demonstration or tenable argument for how evolution works”
Actually, that is not true. Even the very basic, and limited information about genetics taught to medical students back in the 1980’s provided at least the broad outline of how evolution works, and everyday more information is filling in the details.

If you want to claim that a supreme intelligence called God is directing evolution, then I could probably accept that as a matter of faith, but you don’t even need to be a scientist, just look. Evolution is everywhere. It seems to me that only intentional blindness could not see it.

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God and Granite Cubes
@Sean Pitman: How is it that your statement/quote,

“Here’s a quote that explains the problem I have with the multiverse idea (i.e., a “Theory of Anything” can be used to explain absolutely everything – and therefore nothing):”

does not also apply the concept of God? If God is the Theory of Anything, then by your own assertion, God is also “nothing”.

God and Granite Cubes
I guess the answer to your question, “However, what would it take before one could be rationally suspicious that a particular phenomenon could only be explained by a level of intelligence and creative power that, from our finite perspective at least, would be indistinguishable from what we would expect from a God or a God-like being?” is nothing. I can’t conceive of anything that could only be explained by that level of intelligence. Certainly nothing in the natural world meets that criteria, and even your illustration of the granite blocks fails on the principle of Emergence. The granite block, or the international space station for that matter, are all naturally emergent phenomena created by a human being which is in turn an emergent phenomenon in an continually emerging universe.

Also, the existence of intelligence does not necessarily imply the necessity for God. Depending on how you define intelligence, every living thing, from bacteria, to plants to humans displays some form of intelligence, and unless you are proposing some form of pantheism, they are not God.