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I attended LSU several years ago as a biology major, and had the pleasure of having Dr. Gary Bradley as one of my teachers. He was one of the best.Intelligent, energetic, and passionate about teaching students.What a sad day for La Sierra University biology students.A strong believer, who was not afraid to question and discuss the “big” issues that were confusing to many students. This is just tragic.

I TOTALLY agree Kari. I was a biology major too and Dr. Bradley was one of my favorite teachers and role models. This is total GARBAGE! LSU is on it’s way to being an unaccredited bible school. It’s very sad because I love LSU. And it’s obvious that this IS because of the evolution controversy. I don’t care what anyone says. Shame on you Shane Hilde and everyone else at “educate truth” for being so shallow and unloving towards your fellow human beings. You are completely wrong in what you are doing beyond what you can understand. You’re so threatened by the theory of evolution and your faith is so weak that you are willing to get people fired from jobs they love just because evolution makes YOU feel uncomfortable. I hope you someday feel guilt and regret this terrible deed you have done.

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[6/17/11 UPDATE] Two administrators, one biology professor, and one board member resign
@mrs1329: Thank you, I was starting to feel pretty lonesome on this thread. I am sorry that you and the rest of the bio students have to finish your college careers without Dr. Bradley. My experience there would have been much less fulfilling without him. We can honor him for standing up for what is right and follow in his footsteps. Good luck with finals!

[6/17/11 UPDATE] Two administrators, one biology professor, and one board member resign
@shayne: When did I ever say that following the Bible story of creation is unloving. I said “Educate Truth” is unloving. Not because they believe in the literal translation of the Bible. But because they are so vehemently and hatefully against those who don’t.

[6/17/11 UPDATE] Two administrators, one biology professor, and one board member resign
@Jonathan: Like I said before, regardless of the reasons for the resignations, this site is wrong and petty. You can read my above comments as to why. This is a public thread so I can rant and rail all I want. I don’t have to wait till evidence supports any claim. I’m taking advantage of my freedoms so excuse me. Hilde can ban me or erase my messages if he really wants to. In addition, I never stated my stance as a Christian or not or my faithfulness to the Bible or not. So you are speculating as well. I clearly have a different view than most on this board so I expect the wave of comments against my favor. Which is fine. But why is it small for me to attack Hilde? He puts up a controversial website and expects no one to disagree? and now you are attacking me as well. You are being hypocritical. But I welcome your “attacks”. I’m not afraid of whatever you have to say. And I respect your belief in the literal translation of the Bible but it really leaves little for us to even argue…

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LSU graduate comments on LSU conflict
In the past we have seen examples of science contradicting man’s literal interpretation of the Bible. For example the belief in a flat earth and a geocentric universe. Even though science is wrong at times, the very nature of true science requires that it constantly improves itself. And science is the very best tool we have to know the truth about our physical world. Not the Bible. That is not the purpose of the Bible. It’s only a matter of time before humanity looks back on this time in history and can’t believe how silly people were for rejecting the theory of evolution. The great thing about La Sierra (and the teachers within) is that instead of spoon feeding their students prepackaged and outdated dogmatic information, they teach their students how to think critically and give them the tools to find truths, that they might be led by God, not man. Shame on all of you criticizing a man (Pastor Blake) who you have never met and are judging on a single interview which “educate truth” has twisted as they do with everything. You sit there pointing at the splinters in everyone’s eyes. Have you forgotten we are all brothers and sisters in Christ? Have you any idea how many people whose fire for God has been re-ignited thanks to Pastor Blake? I personally have been influenced by Pastor Blake to continue in my quest for understanding of God when I was on the brink of atheism. No one is perfect but Pastor Blake is certainly working for the good of God with a good and true heart. No matter what we disagree on I think people should be weary of any source that is out to divide us (educate truth). And we should be drawn to sources which are upholding truth and love; such as La Sierra and Pastor Blake.