This conversation started with the observation of the alacrity with …

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This conversation started with the observation of the alacrity with which SECC pounced on pastor Doug’s sermon, while they have been mute regarding the attack on a fundamental teaching of Adventism, and a foundational concept undergirding all of scripture. This is a very important issue for the credibility of the SECC administration. In fact I would suggest that a similar issue of their relationship to the word of God vs contemporary thought is the underlying cause. The same hermeneutic that accomodates the rejection of the biblical gender based roles and also the Deistic evolutionary or even Darwinistic evolutionary hypothesis. The same hermeneutic is useful when reasoning away the prohibition against homo-sexual relationships, pre- and extra-marital sex. In fact, anything to be found in the plain prose sense of the Bible narrative that contradicts the opinions of contemporary society or science can be reasoned away with carefully crafted and seemingly erudite argument utilizing this new way of approaching scripture. I don’t know about you all, but I vote confidence with my tithe and offerings.

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New NAD president: ‘I love you’ doesn’t mean we won’t deal with issues
Sounds like there’s a man with spine and a smile here. We watch and pray.

WASC considers outside efforts ‘threatening’ to LSU’s autonomy
@Frank Haynes: I’ve not seen or heard from Frank for thirty years, but I recognize that gentle spirit. However, I think hard speach is warranted my old friend, as it was back in the days of Paul and Jesus who were patient with those who did not know better, but not so much with those who should have known and practiced the truth but instead perverted it. (Matthew 18:17; I Cor. 5:9-13; and especially Gal. 1:9) Grace and peace to all the saints of God!

WASC considers outside efforts ‘threatening’ to LSU’s autonomy

The concept of academic freedom and autonomy is not in line with the purpose of the institution in the first place, they are not an autonomous institution, they are subordinates of the Churches mission to reach the lost by equipping members to be effective Christians and to also make a living while doing it; the original mission is obviously not the focus of our institutions and has not been for many decades, the real focus is what then?  (Quote)

Precisely Vincent. We only begin to worry about accreditation when we begin to be confused or vague about the fundamental mission of all Christian Seventh-day Adventist schools K-21.

WASC considers outside efforts ‘threatening’ to LSU’s autonomy
Perhaps we should just get used to the idea that LSA will become ‘dis-affiliated’ with the SDA church, since there is no doubt that the board will consider WASC accreditation more valuable than the financial or philisophical support of the SDA church. Autonomy from the church has less appeal than autonomy from the big market place out there in the world of commerce and academia.

Silence of the Geoscience Research Institute
The fundamental question of this thread, if I get it correctly, is in regards to the size of the bang we get for our GRI buck. Let’s be charitable: a million $ divided between the afforementioned staff, possibly some ancilliary help, plus facility costs and there isn’t a whole lot of cash to do anything spectacular. Let’s campaign for 2 million $, and leadership that knows something about marketing and promotion. Scientists can be quite stuffy and oh so conservative! Get in someone with imagination, marketing skill and hair on fire zeal. How about training some terrific Creation Evangelists? Lets get on with it!