As a retired teacher I would have expect my students …

Comment on The SECC stands for something by Janifer Cronk.

As a retired teacher I would have expect my students to be consistent in their arguments. Paul did not want women to speak in church, but he also told slaves to go back and submit to their masters. Perhaps we might do well to consider cultural differences before we make rules that will restrict a calling that God Himself may have given to one of His children who happens to be female. Surely God realised Ellen White was a female? If I follow the reasoning of the sermon I assume Paul would not have been at all pleased about that.

Remember fellow church members, that for centuries people who claimed the name ‘Christian’ felt no guilt about buying, selling and using slaves. And they quoted Paul to justify an activity that has highly financially beneficial for them.

Let us throw caution to the winds and read ALL of Paul’s writings. As Adventists we are rightly proud that we take the whole counsel of the Word of God, not bits. Paul also said ‘in Christ’ there is neither male nor female. Could we not add that opinion to see God’s perfect will more fully?

A further problem I mention is that my ‘Christian’ husband left me with two sons to raise alone. I wonder who Paul would have expected me to talk to when I got home to explain what the preacher had been talking about? The fact is I study my Bible and when you do that long enough you just have to share what you have learned at Jesus’ feet. I cannot keep silent because Jesus is just too wonderful not to boast about. I apologise for being a women but silence when confronted by the amazing fact of salvation is too much to ask, even to keep the brethren happy.

Still speak about Jesus.