I find it interesting that if we are able to …

Comment on The SECC stands for something by Bill.

I find it interesting that if we are able to undermine the Bible in it’s literal six day creation, why should we not undermine other areas it clearly states in the first few chapters… i.e ordination of women, Sabbath, definition of marriage, etc. So as La Sierra gives it’s unliteral interpretation of the Bible, more and more young people realize that the very pillar of Christianity, God’s word, is subject to modern cultures post-modernistic perspective. The Bible does not interpret itself, but we use our culture to do it. Sounds very similar to how paganism entered Christianity, compromise with culture. Are we going to let ourselves be drawn from Christ too? I read through the article from SECC and, having watched Doug Batchelor’s presentation on women and preaching several times, found there to by quite the misrepresentation and opinion mixed within it. True I do struggle with Ellen White and her role. The rebuking, leading, and ordination/ not ordination, depending on who’s talking, is confusing. However, she was not a proponent of women’s ordination, from what I understand. I doubt it was due to the culture of that time either. From my recollection, there were movements during her time that promoted women ministers, yet she didn’t choose, or claim God was leading, to go with this. Also, she was not one to worry about going against cultural norm, like Christ. Many of the things either of them said were against the cultural norm of that day. EGW-Sabbath, ceasing from using flesh meats. Christ- humility, turning the other cheek, adultery. The big thing I see is the opposition to Elder Batchelor is using the Bible to prove their own perspective.

In summery, as Christians, as Seventh-Day Adventists, can we not be people of the book. Weren’t we once known for that? Weren’t we once known for going door to door sharing the gospel? What does the Bible say? Forget about the opinion of media, culture, society. Let the weight of evidence guide us. The Lord gave us the Spirit of Prophecy, to turn us back to the Bible because we were not using it as we should. Maybe we should take that as a hint, to dive deeper into God’s Word, prayerfully, as at Pentecost and the early Adventist movement. Please keep Elder Batchelor, the SECC, and the SDA church and its people in your prayers.