Praise the Lord for the courageous brorhers who are upholding …

Comment on The Sabbath’s relevance to the debate about origins by Cuniah Elie Jude..

Praise the Lord for the courageous brorhers who are upholding the banner of truth in these last days. But there is something that I cannot really understand: Is la Sierra University an Adventist Institution, funded by Church money? Or is it an independant Institution financially and academivally. The Church authority should take appropriate disciplinary steps against all teachers of heresy. If the newly elected G.C. president really wants Revival and Reform he should not be afraid to be a Nehemia and to throw out all Tobijahs and their utensils in the House of the Lord otherwise he will be held accountable for not doing so and he won’t be able like Nehemaiah to ask the Lord ” Remember me” Nehemiah 13: 1 – 9,26 – 31.
I do not have the email address of Elder Wilson, could soemebody please forward him a copy of this comment and give him my email address if he should deem necessary to comment on this. I pray daily that the Lord will fill him with Spirit ot discernment in these troubluous last days.

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New Adventist president envisions a church marked by prayer, revival
I am just quoting from memory, but all faithful SDA’s know that E.G.White said that what the Church needs is a true revival of faith and holiness and that revival will come in answer to prayer and the study od the books of Daniel and Revelation. Elsewhere she said that we should not remove the old land marks of prophecy. May someone, please, provide the appropriate and accurate quotations. If this is what Elder Wilson wants to do with the help of God, we must like Hur and Aaron keep his hands up until complete victory over Amalek!