I don’t understand why we treat each other like this. …

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I don’t understand why we treat each other like this. Are we all not Christians and called to love one another? Jesus said we should love our enemies.

Greg, I understand your concerns. But, this website is a battleground arena for a very important issue. I have only been posting for a few weeks, but I have read many of the previous posts.

If you don’t believe me about this issue, please go to Adventist Today and Spectrum and view the many articles and posts attacking Shane, Sean, and virtually anyone here who supports them. Both of these sites want Shane, Sean, and ET to go away, as Dr. Taylor predicted over a year ago. But they haven’t.

This is why many of the posts seem antagonistic or aggressive, from both sides. Love sometimes is and seems tough.

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The Reptile King

BobRyan: At one point on this thread – I said –Given that the T.E. element within LSU flourished and expanded unrestricted during your time at LSU – which of the Creationist versions listed above would you prefer to identify yourself with?in Christ,Bob

Bob, Has Dr. Geraty ever answered a question put to him? He seems to like to broadcast statements and appear on LLBN, but when someone questions him about what he says or believes, he disappears.

The Reptile King

Some of us prefer to look ahead rather than behind, and for that we become the target of insults, scorned for the way we think and reason.

Prof. Kent, Your argument is very similar to Dr. Taylor’s who says he and his supporters are really the ones who have the present truth, since he is looking forward and not stuck in the old fashioned days of Ellen White, etc.

If you look on Adventist Today, Dr. Taylor even implies that Mrs. White wrote the Book of Mormon.

Is this type of thinking part of mainstream adventism? Nowhere that I know of, except maybe at La Sierra?