I noticed that the author of this article was eager …

Comment on NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science by Richard Wright.

I noticed that the author of this article was eager to give Ellen White credit (or was it blame?) for all of the beliefs that our denomination accepts. He leaves the reader with the impression that neither our Adventist pioneers, nor we today, have ever engaged in our own study. This is a common approach used be critics of Adventism and of Mrs. White. And it is false. Our beliefs were arrived at after intense Bible study, prayer, and prolonged discussion by many different people during the formative years of our movement, and most of us today agree to accept these beliefs only after we also have engaged in our own study and prayer. I thank God for giving us the prophetic gift of Ellen White, but the author of this article has distorted her role in our history.

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Revisiting God, Sky & Land by Fritz Guy and Brian Bull
When I was a student at La Sierra in the 1960s, there was a very different atmosphere on campus. Professors of religion — and of other subjects, such as history, physics, and even biology — all defended the authority of both the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. Dr. Fritz Guy was a professor at the time. I took one class from him — Christian Ethics. I also heard him speak on various occasions. Dr. Guy never gave any impression that he had doubts regarding the Bible. Maybe he had the type of thoughts he has now, but was afraid to state them publicly. I don’t know. However, I am quite disappointed that a man whose scholarship and opinions I respected is now promoting the evolutionary origins of this earth.

La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation
Based upon Ellen White’s writings, I do not believe in giving my tithe money to organizations other than the SDA Church. However, I too am concerned that the AAA has delined to do its job.

My greatest fear at this point is that some of our other colleges and universities will interpret this decision as an invitation to openly (and I emphasize the word “openly”) follow the example of La Sierra. This cancer will spread.

Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
I also praise Louie Bishop for his bravery in standing up for Biblical truth. However, I am curious about his current situation. Is he still a student at La Sierra? If so, how is he being treated by the administration, the faculty, and his fellow students? If he has finished his coursework, what is he now doing? I know that he gave-up a promising career in professional golf, due to his unwillingness to play on Sabbath. How is he doing now?