Honest question. Do people believe that we should abandon …

Comment on NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science by Mack Ramsey.

Honest question. Do people believe that we should abandon accreditation and accept the consequences there in, or is accreditation still desirable? Is that too “worldly”?

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The God of the Gaps
I’m amused that the author spent time writing a very nice article about how absurd GoGs type thinking is but in the end decides to go with it anyway simply because he’s ideologically opposed to evolution for no other reason than it makes a sort of intuitive sense for him. Bill’s even better. He’s going with GoGs because the alternative throws him into an existential crises.

Faith & Science Sabbath School examines LSU’s apology
Evolutionists have no viable theory as to how life began, where the matter in the universe came from, why the fossils have not been eroded away after the theorized millions of years of life’s existence here [edit], or a thousand other evidences in the natural world which would be consistent with a young earth/creation model. As a conjectured, unwitnessed historical event, evolution cannot be proven any more than creation can. Why we should not expect that professors teaching origins at an Adventist university teach the evidence which supports creation and believe it themselves seems a marvel to me. That we even need to have this discussion in our church to decide the issue is a testimony to how far we’ve slidden. steve.