On a whim, I showed this thread to a non-Adventist …

Comment on NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science by Christina.

On a whim, I showed this thread to a non-Adventist friend this afternoon, and asked what they thought once finished reading it. But before I got to that point, about 20 minutes later, I amused by the occasional remark and contorted faces. I heard statements like “What’s La Sierra University” (which I had to clarify) and “Oh my God” (repeatedly), and there was some pronounced head-shaking.

When finished, my friend said, “Do these people call themselves Christians?” I asked which ones. She said the ones that were attacking La Sierra University and defending the right to say anything they felt inclined to about other Christians. I nodded, and said, “oh yes, most definitely.” She just looked at me and said, “You’re a Seventh-day Adventist, aren’t you?” I said yes. She then shook her head and said, with a very concerned look on her face, “seriously, you’re in the wrong religion. Who would ever join such a church?”

We then had a lengthy conversation. By the end, I think it’s possible she would sit down at an Adventist church, but I’m not so certain. You guys created quite the impression! Keep up God’s magnificent work on the web, EducateTruthers!

By the way, I’m no heretic. I’ve voiced my concerns privately to Sean Pitman previously, as have many others. You folks misjudged and mischaracterized someone once again. Congratulations on your gracious, Christ-filled spirit and humility. I’ll sign off once and for all and let you folks continue to abuse me and others with your sword of truth. You’ll have your reward one day.