Sean Pitman wrote “It is interesting to me that those …

Comment on NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science by Christina.

Sean Pitman wrote “It is interesting to me that those who are most ardent in arguing that no disagreements within the church should be publicly aired or brought before the church body in general find themselves free to do the very same thing themselves – to publicly call me out, by name, as being responsible for grave wrongs and damage to the church. And, they do this without speaking to me privately about the issue or asking the church leadership to do so either (and usually without using one’s real name).

Even a 5-year-old would recognize the moral distinction between someone who publicly engages in name-calling and bullying versus someone who defends the ones who called names and bullied. Yet Dr. Pitman, with his advanced degrees, chooses to obfuscate.

Dr. Pitman wrote “Come on guys, at least be consistent in your interpretation of Matthew 18… and consider also that Matthew 18 is talking about private personal sins – not the issue of pastors and teachers openly attacking the church from within on the church’s dime. Such activity was publicly address by Mrs. White, the other founding fathers of the early SDA Church, and the early Christian Church, and even Jesus himself…

So now Dr. Pitman conviently dismisses PRINCIPLE and proclaims innocence by declaring POLICY, much like on would expect of a 5-year-old name-calling bully. Where in scripture or in Ellen White’s writings does one see an attempt by Jesus or the prophetess to shame others publicly and behind their backs, in front of believers and unbelievers alike, to harm their reputations and enforce behavioral change?

Hint: nowhere. Dr. Pitman obfuscates by drawing the wrong parallels.

The official SDA leadership will never stoop to Educate Truth’s tactics, and all SDAs should be proud of that.

Christina Also Commented

NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science
Sean and Shane are Adventist patriots and will be regarded as heros to the church for their bold and decisive action.

Funny. The majority of the church’s leaders (a number of whom have been vilified by Educate Truth) will never see it this way. Most would agree the 5-year-old bully on a playground is bold and decisive, but hardly representative of the church’s patriots.

NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science
Rev 14:12 (who will remain anonymous like me) asked

Do you believe that God created the earth in 6 literal 24 hour periods?


Do you believe in our Biblical 28 fundamental beliefs?


Do you think that a parent of a college aged young adult should be able to send their child to an SDA college or university and be confident that the professors there (paid by the church) are going to help build the young person’s faith in God and the SDA church?


I’m not defending any wrongs that might have been committed, as you wrongly assumed. I’m simply pointing out the gross violation of Christian principles and ethics in using the world wide web to publicly bully and punish others–behind their backs no less–especially when it makes Christians like you who claim to be representatives of the SDA church look so cold and calloused and judgmental.

You, sir or madam, do not reflect the values and behavior of Jesus Christ or my beloved church. If you are an SDA employee, I suggest you resign your position since you are going against the stated policies of the church’s manual. Your behavior at this website is reprehensible. Have you no conscience?

NCSE Report: Adventist Education in the Midst of a Sea of Science
“Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear.”

And who is “all?” Is any sin among us to be subject to public exposure and ridicule? To whom did Jesus say, “Let him who is without sin throw the first stone?”