@ Benjamin Burkhardt and Professor Kent- I thank God for …

Comment on LSU student petition surfaces by Juan Sabater.

@ Benjamin Burkhardt and Professor Kent- I thank God for Mr. Burkhardt’s answer. I’ve been reading Kent’s comments on this site and see nothing but deception in them. The devil himself when tempting Jesus used the Scriptures.But the scriptures are self explaining if you seek Truth.
In his comment Kent says the student’s “internal petition” was “respectful and appropriate”. It is clear that he wants this matter to be kept “internal” in LSU and so he shows bitterness and disdain towards Educate Truth and its supporters(quotes from his comments to another article “you don’t get it” “you simply don’t understand” “you’re not an academic, though you likely think otherwise”).
But in the next paragraph of that same comment he states the students’ approach was “relatively harmless”, so is he saying there was some harm made by petitioning for what’s expected at an SDA institution? He also says “too bad the administration was not more responsive”, to a harmful petition? Seems like a contradiction. Those students and Educate Truth are on the same side. Logic is fundamental to true science.
God is one…and Mr Kent sounds like a legion.
Finally Mr. Kent quotes Scripture… but absolutely out of context! So humanities are not his strength either. Mr. Kent is using all his “might” and “power” but these are not as mighty or powerful as Mr. Burkhardt’s. Thank our almighty God, ever merciful.
“My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly. You have not spoken the truth about me as my servant Job has.”(Job 42:8)