Shane: I have a several serious questions requiring answers so that …

Comment on La Sierra schism widens by James L. Row – Class of ’62.


I have a several serious questions requiring answers so that I can get on-board (or off-board) with the Biology Department that appears to be hiding behind the veil afforded by the term “Science”.

I’d like to know what books, chapeters, and verses throughout scripture have been deleted from the Bibles of those in the Biology Department – a department that seems to be subject the discussions of quesitons arising from the topic of Theistic Evolution. What books, chapeters, and verses are no longer in the other Bibles in use on the LaSierra University campus.

To me, speaking personally from my often narrow, somewhat intolerant and impatient perspective, taking extended periods of time to deal with a serious sin problems within a school claiming to be dedicated to offer an education in keeping with Biblical truths does not seem to be in the advertised program put forth by LaSierra University. God is patient – but -He frequently seems to demand immediate action in stopping and eradicating sin.

For example, look at several of the situations He, the Creator of the Universe, took in dealing with the Hebrews on their 40 year journey from Egypt to the “Promised Land”. Can we possibly draw some lessons from God’s responses to sin that would guide us in our own responses to sin problems among us.

It seems inappropriate to fall back on phrases such as “we must give careful consideration to…”, “academic freedom”, ” we believe in freedom of speech”, etc. The use of such phrases in any venue would be considered by most to be “fishing for an excuse to stall in hopes that a problem would possibly no longer be noticed or would be so commonplace as to become acceptable.

If those who are uncomfortable with accepting truths from God’s word, let them express their discomfort someplace that might be more accepting of such mindsets. Maybe in a school run by athiests whould be a good starting place to look for a a change in professorship.

What the acceptance of the theory of evolution of any kind tends to excuse is a responsibility to a higher authority – especially a divine authority. It seems to be a simple case of those so involved in such promotions to become their own gods – – to choose their own sources of leadership – – possibly to not be accountabl, themselves,e to any divine higher authority. In this particular case it looks very much like the choice may be one of choosing the word, or work, of those calling themselves “scientists” over the teachings found in Holy Scripture!

See II Timothy 3:15-17. How could it be that the writer of Genesis could be allowed to distort God’s inspiration when considering this Biblical explanation of the origin of Scripture? There may well be other reasons for what source a professor relies upon, but, such reasons seem to pale into insignificance at this point!

Tonight, I once again read Genesis 1 and the first few verses of Genesis 2. What is it that is unclear or leaves room for debate as to what the writer intended to convey by way of explaning just how much time was involved for each section of creation (multiple evening and morning references?)? How could it be that God allowed misinformation to appear in “His Word” meant for those who have chosen to listen to and accept His words?

See Psalm 119:160 to see Biblical confirmation that God’s word is truth.

In Matthew 5:18 we see reference to “nothing”, not a “jot or tittle” disappearing from God’s “law” (“nomos” in the Greek presentation of this verse). It is necessary to read the text in context to learn that the reference is to God’s law (or Torah – Instructions). It is not about the Hebraic Oral Law or to Roman Law. So what does the Biology Department not understand about what the Bible is saying about itself? What is so unclear as to give the impression that we can replace Biblical teaching with the teaching of those with a bias toward their own wisdom?

True science is expected to be open and unbiased. It is expected to only report what is found in the laboratory. I ask, What laboratory has demonstrated the substantiated proof of what is being reported to be La Sierra Biology Department teaching? Where can we find the “scientific” proof that supports the resulting conflictt we see reported in the “Educate Truth” e-mails that come my way? And what proof is there that justifys doubting the reliability of Holy Scripture.

I note the reference to Matthew 18 in the “Faculty Senate Resolution”. May I respactfully emphasize the necessity of paying close attention to verse 17 of Matthew 18!

Please look at Exodus 20:2 which establishes “The Lord” as the author of the 10 commanments – the speaker and writer of this document. Further onward in this same chapter we see that it was “The Lord” who made the earth in 6 days but rested on the 7th day of that week – – further, He made that day a “holy day”! Is there something unclear about this?

Need I draw this out to an even longer set of questions and Biblical comments on the topic? Or are there yet unanswered questions that demand a drawn out process to deal with misinformation being taught at LaSierra University? Does God consider teaching information not in accord with His Word to be sin? Or is this something I am reading into this drawn-out debate? What is the hold up for swift, decisive action? How much more indication of problems must be brought forth? Are not interviews, evidence on tape recordings, reports from students who sit/sat in classes sufficient to bring a swift conclusion to the matter? I do not consider the plea by faculties of other schools within LaSierra University to have a bearing on the topic. They too would like to be screened off from external input as to what they may at some time choose to teach. They are looking out for their “academic freedoms”. Does “academic freedom” imply the freedom to teach known, anti-bliblical, information? Does it imply the freedom to divorce the professor from adhering to Scripturally supported information when such exists?

I leave these last few questions up to the reader of this lengthy puzzlement in which I find myself some 1,200 miles distant from my alma mater.

By the way: Who is looking out for the interests of the students and the information being promoted for their consumption? Is it the LaSierra University Senate? May God have mercy on them and pitty on the rest of us who are concerned for the situation.