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Comment on La Sierra schism widens by Sean Pitman, M.D..


The evidence you use is old, representative of only a few individuals (including at least one apparently retired and no longer at the university), and highly selective. You belittle everyone who disagrees with you, and you make accusations about those who defend these biologists, but we are not so naive or stupid to believe you have a complete understanding of every single faculty member’s statements or views.

I didn’t say that all professors at LSU are promoting theistic evolution – just that many of them are. Even one professor who is publicly undermining the Church’s clearly stated fundamental positions on the Church’s dime is one too many in my book.

Also, the available evidence is current. I have the current lectures of Lee Greer for example. These lecture materials strongly support the modern mainstream evolutionary perspective. There is no hint in these lecture notes in favor of the SDA position on origins. Also, I know quite a bit about Lee Greer and he is by no means supportive of the SDA perspective on origins. All you have to do is ask him. He’ll tell you straight up where he stands. He is unabashidly, openly, and honestly a theistic evolutionist who ardently believes in the mainstream evolutionary perspective on origins and the allegorical nature of the Genesis narriative – and promotes his views to his students.

I actually admire Lee Greer. I think he is a good guy – and very sincere. I have nothing personal against him. However, he just so happens to be working in the wrong place given that his views on origins go fundamentally against the stated views of the SDA Church as an organization (i.e., his employer). And, he is by no means alone in his views at LSU.

There is nothing hateful here. Why is it wrong for me to expect tithe monies to go in support of the actual stated positions of the SDA Church to which they are given? And, why is it considered hateful to expect LSU to be open and upfront about what all of its professors stand for and promote in their classrooms? Why is LSU trying to be so obtuse about the fact that many of its professors do in fact support and promote theistic evolutionary ideas in their classroomsand have been doing do for decades? How is this not in a very real sense a form of deliberate deception?

Sean Pitman

P.S. for those who wish references to support what is really going on at LSU, see the following Open Letter (reference section):

Also, for those who think I’m exaggerating, why not present some counter evidence of your own? You really think the majority of LSU science professors are not actually promoting theistic evolution in the classroom? Really?

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