Excellent point Faith. I agree with you. In …

Comment on La Sierra schism widens by Kirk.

Excellent point Faith. I agree with you. In fact I am creating two videos for the SDA church members that will point this out. We all need to become very vocal and put a stop to what LSU is doing in the name of Seventh-day Adventism. As a church, God has given us gracious blessings on the condition of obedience. Should we turn away and be disobedient then those blessings will become curses and we all will suffer the consequences. We can no longer afford to wait for leadership to take care of this problem. We must ALL act now to stop this blatant apostasy. If we do not, then God can no longer protect us and all manner of evil will come upon our church. Will this apostasy be the one that will make the church appear to fall? Who knows. But we do know that God’s promises can no longer be fulfilled to our church if it allows open sin. Have we learned anything from the Bible about this? You would think with all the examples in the Bible that we would know better and act to stop this more quickly. Have we become the dumb dogs that don’t bark in Isa 56:10? There’s a lot of debate going on about this problem, but we need to start organizing and finding ways that either individually or as a group or church how we can start having an affect to stop LSU. Don’t assume leadership will cure this problem. It would be great if they do, but its been years now and the problem marches on.

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Trite to point out that Moses wasn’t around when the lights were first switched on.Happy Friday

True, but Moses spoke to God which who switched on those lights and inspired Moses what to write. So what exactly are you trying to say – that Moses wasn’t inspired in what he wrote…that its just what anybody could have written?

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“I hear what you are saying, but if this is your attitude about tithing, I would ask you to consider your motives? I pay my tithes to God, in the form of His church. I will pay them regardless of how the church uses them, because they are His.”

That’s like saying if the “church” decides to pay pedophiles to further their work you would support it. How ludicrous. We are responsible for knowing how those funds are being used. God’s church is not just the SCC, or even the NAD. There are many facets to God’s church. If someone sees a grave open sin or rebellion among them in one part of our global church then he/she should feel free to send his tithe to another part of the church that is not in open sin or rebellion. Too many people have this false idea that they just send tithes in to their local church no matter what. That’s not responsible stewardship – to further the cause of evil – and expect God to bless you because you sent it in without doing your homework to see how its being used. I believe God will overlook a person that UNknowingly sends their tithe somewhere they believe is using it properly, but you have no excuse if you know its being used wrongly. Yes, you should always pay tithes to God but He expects you to make sure they go to His cause and not Satans.