“La Sierra University needs to make up its mind. Its …

Comment on La Sierra schism widens by perpetualstudent aka Michael Peterson.

“La Sierra University needs to make up its mind. Its administration claims it is in full support of the SDA Church and its doctrines as evidenced by the LSU Board of Trustees statement in November 2009:

The Board of Trustees if fully mindful of La Sierra Universities responsibilities and commitments as a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher education. This includes whole hearted support for the doctrines and teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as defined by the 28 Statements of Fundamental Beliefs, specifically fundamental #6 [dealing with a literal creation week]. (LSU Board)

But its biology professors, and now Faculty Senate, have essentially said it doesn’t have to sacrifice “academic freedom,” if certain professors happen to disagree with and teach contrary to fundamental beliefs of the SDA Church – on the Church’s dime. LSU’s position doesn’t seem so clear.”

I’m not sure why this is so hard for you to understand. Two completely different groups of people who all work at LSU. Each group is saying something different. Each group has different concerns and different objectives. The Faculty Senate only represents the official views of the Faculty Senate. The administration and board of trustees would be the more official voice. I wouldn’t expect them to be in complete agreement.

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My recollection is that Walla Walla University has at least one representative of the board that is outside of the Union. If I remember correctly, that slot was filled by Dan Matthews while I was a student there. I am guessing that it is common practice to have somebody on the “outside” as a representative.

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All right!! So now some creationists are less creationist than others. And a pattern repeats itself because this story is starting to sound familiar. “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times….” Enjoy your little witch hunt everyone.

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Actually, I quite enjoyed the lectures. This is a conversation that the Adventist church should be participating in if it wants to be intellectually relevant. To bad you are trying to shut it down. The earth is old. Evolution happened. All life is related. I think that this has been conclusively shown. So now what? Should I just leave the church?