I suppose that, based on their reference to how this …

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I suppose that, based on their reference to how this would have been handled “Biblically” that they feel Paul was in complete error to publicly oppose Peter to his face for racial and religious bigotry.

They are free to teach whatever they want. The big question is why isn’t the SDA Church stepping up to stop funding them? Didn’t our church learn its lesson about allowing institutionally-supported heresy at Battle Creek?

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Perspectives from alleged LSU students
According to the alleged student, I am neither qualified to speak my bachelor’s in biology was followed by only an MD rather than a qualifying PhD—not that ANY PhDs OR MDs were around when the world started), and even if I was, my opinion would be based on ignorance. I don’t care.

God is not a God of force. I fully respect the rights of others to believe what they wish. It’s their bold rejection of God’s word while boldly insisting in their right to be paid by God’s money that astounds me.

When I worked at summer camp and was given money by the director to provide lunch on my weekly ride to carry campers halfway across the state, I ate at Taco Bell and even drank water. I knew I was being entrusted with God’s money to do God’s work, and I dared not waste a penny. It wasn’t because I feared that I would be bolted with lightning from heaven. It was because I felt I was doing the work of my Creator and all that His people entrusted me with to do His work should be properly utilized.

For those who think it’s a proper use of God’s worldwide monies to subsidize the teaching of evolution, I would have to think they should have to agree that I might as well have used God’s money to order beer for myself AND the young campers I was driving.

The LSU teachers and students can believe and teach whatever they want…just don’t teach it as if they are doing God’s duty and don’t insist on receiving God’s money to subsidize it. There are thousands of schools where they can teach whatever they wish. Why do they feel the need to teach it where parents pay a ton of money to avoid such boldfaced heresy?

Brent Goodge, M.D.