Doesn’t LSU know it looks completely foolish in its lies? …

Comment on La Sierra schism widens by Amie White.

Doesn’t LSU know it looks completely foolish in its lies? I guess they’re betting on people NOT reading Educate Truth or looking into this issue. Sad. If you’re going to lie, at least be good at it and don’t contradict yourself in public.

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Board requests progress reports from LSU administration
Wow. In other words, they’re bowing to diplomacy, dragging this issue out and essentially doing nothing. They can reaffirm all they want. Who cares what they think when they allow evil to continue. It’s at least reassuring they support creation, as it seems most of the faculty do not. That’s a plus! We’ll continue to hope the board’s courage grows and it won’t forever shy away from its task of implementing hard-hitting reform.

CCC apprises leadership of LSU news
Interesting. I’ll be curious to see what all this talk looks like in active reality. Maybe there is hope, after all! I’m not totally convinced, as similar things were said at the last meeting without anything changing, but we’ll see. Kudos to the board members for standing behind Biblical principles.

Private: AToday makes public apology
That came out kind of wrong. What I meant to say was that if you choose to be lost, that’s one thing, but to preach or teach theology not in accordance with the Bible, you will eventually lead others to destruction, as well as yourself. I didn’t intend to say anyone in specific was lost or not. Just that people “with no light in them” are dragging people down.

Private: AToday makes public apology
I take issue with shabby journalism, but at least they apologized. It still doesn’t excuse AToday’s obvious bias & agenda — that’s also shabby journalism. I also take issue with people calling themselves Adventist when they’re not. It’s sad that such theological liberals are in places people notice them, like at AToday. I’d say, “oh well, someday they’ll get their just reward” for promoting views against Biblical doctrine and the SDA church and just leave it at that, but these folks are taking hundreds of people with them. If you’re going to be lost, fine. But it’s a shame when a lost person is vocal about what they believe, dynamically dragging others to their spiritual death. Shame on Erv and AToday.

Manipulated LSU Faculty Senate document tells false story
Sean, AToday leaving out the date was shabby journalism, whether it was intentional or not. If it was a mistake, let’s see an explanation and correction from AToday, as any good publication would do. If a writer made such huge mistakes in accuracy more than a few times, they’d be fired. By the way AToday is acting, we can safely guess it was not a mistake. Has anyone there even taken a basic journalism class? They completely ignored one of the five questions a journalist is obligated to ask: who, what, where, how and WHEN. The fact that this date is important, and has the potential to spin the story in favor of AToday’s views, makes AToday look all the more shabby and deceitful. You can spin stories in journalism, obviously, but leaving out a crucial piece of information to form a “white” lie is shameful.

But no, it still doesn’t change the fact the faculty senate, whoever they may be, wrote a document supporting professors who promote evolution. Again, it makes me wonder if all the staff actually support this document, or there are a few vocal evolutionists pushing their agenda.