I wonder what would have happened if the chairman of …

Comment on LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued by Wayne A. Martin.

I wonder what would have happened if the chairman of the board had quietly called each of the three men involved in this situation into his office, and tallked with them one by one, about their problems, with a redemptive prospective. Would they have seen their error, repented of their misdeeds, and avoided all this bad publicity? These men might still be loyal workers for the university. ASking them to resign immediately put them on the defensive.
What we need is not only regulations to protect our worker’s rights, but our leaders, as well as pastors need training in how to meet situations, both in the church and among employees. We need to try to keep our workers in the straight and narrow way, and not look for an excuse to get rid of them. Often we can salvage workers and help them to become productive.
In this case some workers might have been salvaged and a lot of bad publicity avoided.

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