Jim: Holly said:“I hope the tape is released . . …

Comment on LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued by Holly Pham.

Jim: Holly said:“I hope the tape is released . . . I believe it will be an embarrassment to La Sierra and to the La Sierra Board, who hired them.”I’m pretty sure this is exactly the approach Jesus would have you take . . . yikes, you show such a loving, redemptive spirit towards fellow fallen humans and church institutions. (By the way, each of the three individuals has served LSU for a minimum of 30 years or more . . . no one serving on the LSU Board had anything to do with their hiring; at least try to get your facts straight.)Unlike you (and a few others), Shane has realized the very real potential legal jeopardy involved in publishing any aspect of the recording, in either written or audio form. Why do you think he quickly pulled the information from his website once he received professional legal advice?For yet one more time, the contents of the recording are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, even if you inappropriately tried to make it your business by listening because of your own prurient interests. The situation is being handled by those who actually should be dealing with it, even if some of the actions taken so far have been less than ideal.

I believe the information on the tape should be the business of all churchmembers who have an interest in how La Sierra is being run. Why don’t you want the information heard? It’s because it is extremely embarrassing to all who have supported the liberals at La Sierra.

If you don’t want to listen, that’s fine with me. Just let the rest of us gain the facts and truth about what this situation is all about.

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LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued
I will ask this question again. Since the tape was not illegal according to California law, why is it illegal to actual read, publish, or discuss it?

LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued

Why don’t you simply accept reality, rejoice in it, AND MOVE ON to something more productive — like maybe something that God may want each of us to be doing with our lives to actually help spread His message of love and redemption to a fallen world . . .

Although I am a neophyte in the law, I can read the law, and it says “intentionally” thus I believe the recording is not illegal. Anyone with a different view may give their interpretation if they wish. But, so far, nobody has given a different interpretation.

I am also doing what you say we should do–helping spread the Gospel over the world. I can do both at the same time.

Please be sure that I will not be moving on, as I am being very productive in what I am doing here and in other places.

LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued

BobRyan: Some libs have a very hard time deciding which way to slam conservatives. On the one hand they would “like to claim” that EducateTruth is responsible for every bad day that LSU has. But the very next sentence they want to claim that there are only 4 people here.hmm so 4 people that nobody listens to – cause LSU to have problem?The confused storytelling of our lib friends does not always tend toward common sense.in Christ,Bob

Your are so correct, Bob. We over here are so powerful that the GC listens to our every word and obeys. But, we don’t have anyone listening here or posting here. It does sound rather ridiculous!